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At last!  
This is our submission for 2021 Derpibooru Community Collab. It contains of 129 ponies (or creatures to be exact)  
For better file handling, the raw file of each separate images have been sent to the staff.
I will try my best to put all the tags but I will need your help to add even more XD
Thank you everyone for your participation in my group pic!! Happy New Year!!
safe1766810 artist:sugar morning1417 discord32060 king sombra14333 princess luna101270 starlight glimmer50119 oc720203 oc only470359 oc:aaaaaaaaaaa199 oc:alexus nictivia2 oc:aliax smily36 oc:alto clef8 oc:amber moonlight19 oc:amber shine25 oc:ame23 oc:anneal17 oc:artfulcord31 oc:aspen162 oc:autumn birch16 oc:bamboo mistshadow13 oc:bay mac21 oc:bead trail46 oc:bit assembly43 oc:bizarre song638 oc:blasting cap64 oc:blue visions69 oc:brass scribe4 oc:brimstone99 oc:budder5 oc:celica2 oc:cinnabyte668 oc:cinnamon music61 oc:cogs fixmore228 oc:count patagium19 oc:creamsicle delight30 oc:cubensis3 oc:cyan nova fae11 oc:darkstar19 oc:dawnsong218 oc:dog whisperer25 oc:draco flames239 oc:dream catcher134 oc:dreamy26 oc:eclipse127 oc:eclipse flight22 oc:electric night16 oc:emerald sprint3 oc:ender107 oc:evening lily77 oc:evensong35 oc:exist102 oc:fading6 oc:finn21 oc:firewire61 oc:fortune teller12 oc:galaxy prism2 oc:gallagher53 oc:gene47 oc:ginger56 oc:ginger ferrochrome8 oc:gumdrop103 oc:jackson sunshine3 oc:jag19 oc:jesse mccreem9 oc:julia minx5 oc:kavvi3 oc:leon fangs4 oc:lime dream294 oc:lumi89 oc:mallory elise5 oc:maple wood9 oc:max45 oc:mercury revenant2 oc:minty wind6 oc:mitzy209 oc:moonshine207 oc:moonshot166 oc:nightmare hp9 oc:nyn indigo292 oc:pad22 oc:paintheart413 oc:pandora152 oc:pegasusgamer80 oc:pepper133 oc:petal breeze65 oc:pinkfull night53 oc:polistar31 oc:prickly pears198 oc:procerus16 oc:queen lahmia45 oc:raven stargazer9 oc:rcharge2 oc:remnant11 oc:ren the changeling128 oc:rising dawn20 oc:rosalia89 oc:sak61 oc:sanita poke24 oc:sasha gemini48 oc:screwingwithsfm106 oc:sertpony20 oc:shade demonshy150 oc:silvia the gryphon18 oc:solarmod134 oc:sound spark2 oc:spiral galaxies31 oc:sprocket127 oc:star universe86 oc:star violet11 oc:starburn237 oc:starskipper84 oc:starstripe2 oc:steadfast33 oc:storm spark113 oc:stormdancer126 oc:sugar morning482 oc:sunlight bolt134 oc:swango60 oc:swift dawn183 oc:swifty breeze9 oc:toasted bread6 oc:tomson60 oc:toshiro59 oc:trashie5 oc:twitchyylive76 oc:velvet silverwing26 oc:vinyl mix60 oc:watermelon success119 oc:white shield82 oc:winter white23 oc:zippy sparkz136 bat pony52976 changedling8883 changeling50450 crystal pony4632 cyborg3956 cyborg pony114 deer6144 deer pony1257 dracony7052 dragon59506 earth pony273105 genie1651 genie pony415 giraffe887 griffon28241 hybrid20879 kirin9434 original species26860 pegasus315277 pony1026695 shark2160 shark pony2162 toaster pony22 unicorn349224 vampire4118 vampony1798 wolf2068 2021 community collab963 derpibooru community collaboration3816 :34761 :o3977 :p9694 absurd resolution67559 adorable face1559 alcohol7560 amputee4901 antlers2220 bamboo112 bandana5570 banner2083 bat pony oc19354 bat wings10298 beanie3872 bells388 bipedal36744 blindfold4613 blue changeling2052 blue eyes5881 blue mane1248 blushing206890 bone3200 bow30395 bowtie10863 bread1503 cactus616 candy7206 candy cane2464 cap4895 cape10891 changeling in a box48 changeling oc8117 cheek kiss1913 cheek squish971 chest fluff41984 chibi14959 chocolate3465 choker13283 christmas14188 christmas changeling194 christmas lights1803 christmas ornaments18 christmas sweater187 claw180 cloak4492 clothes481484 coat2982 coffee4042 collar35033 commission74524 confused4957 cookie3831 costume29067 couple5720 cross-eyed820 crown18216 cute207615 derp6977 donut2135 donutsnootle13 drawing tablet234 drinking3675 drinking straw816 drone421 dun12 duo66047 ear piercing28425 ear tufts540 earmuffs1218 earring22589 evil3049 excited3092 eyebrows7181 eyebrows visible through hair3570 eyes closed99680 fangs27172 female1415945 flag4066 flannel378 flannel shirt84 floppy ears55340 flower27021 flower in hair8171 fluffy tail166 food73953 freckles30491 fugazi3 garland234 garter belt3835 gift box275 glasses65653 gloves21275 goggles14587 green tea26 griffequus49 group3627 group picture53 hairband1321 hairpin2318 happy32526 happy hearth's warming50 harem outfit331 hat91735 headphones8175 hearth's warming eve1313 holiday20880 holly1748 hoodie15257 hoofless socks256 horn80232 hot chocolate1276 hug29380 ice sculpture48 icepick4 jacket13397 jar1107 jewelry70198 jumping3497 kiss mark1172 kissing25607 lab coat2271 latex12641 latex gloves1644 latex socks2378 leaf1095 licking21077 licking lips4461 lifting620 lipstick11826 list352 long neck1056 looking at you178049 looking up17350 lying down20430 magic76211 magic aura4770 magnifying glass326 male393069 mare509535 married couple1094 marshmallow1373 merry christmas485 milk4885 mistletoe1756 mlem923 moonshine66 mouth hold18312 naughty list1 necklace21181 nom3112 nuzzling4117 o.o46 oc x oc16585 one eye closed33127 open mouth157560 ossicones17 package379 paper3346 peace sign3192 peach138 pegasus oc13774 piercing43867 pinecone148 playful315 plushie24976 ponies riding ponies2513 ponytail19227 present6124 prosthetic leg943 prosthetic limb3112 prosthetics3625 quill2775 red eyes6661 red pupils49 regalia21507 ribbon7307 riding7692 roomba133 sakancer33 santa hat6148 scar12574 scared10898 scarf24103 scarf candy cane1 serious1224 shackles1917 shared clothing692 shared scarf598 shark bat6 shipping207354 shirt26565 shy4360 sign4174 sikan pegasus27 silly7592 simple background414395 singing6619 sitting66340 skirt41597 sleepy1686 smiling265777 smug6365 snow14220 snowball493 snuggling6630 socks69264 soup488 spiked collar1197 squishy cheeks2508 stallion118116 standing13240 stars16525 stockings34669 sunglasses15262 sweat28022 sweatdrop3465 sweater15060 sword12088 t-shirt4735 tail wrap6800 teenager4796 tentacles12293 thigh highs38743 thumbs up1059 tiara4351 tinsel78 tired3280 toast455 toaster329 tongue out109697 torn clothes5114 transparent background211149 trash444 unicorn oc11614 unshorn fetlocks28061 veil909 vest4059 wall of purple30 wall of tags3747 weapon31754 wing ring43 wings126180 wink25995 wreath917 yellow changeling911


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I Sell Propane
so much horse!
thank you so much for all your hard work, sugar, this turned out amazing and i’m super thrilled to be a part of it!
Economist -

Good job artist. That is a massive undertaking
Much cooler than last year which was also massive too!