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classic mongol strategy
safe1599142 artist:t72b561 spike75036 starlight glimmer45067 twilight sparkle285923 alicorn202395 dragon49688 pony868263 unicorn278437 armor22053 arrows138 book31145 book abuse33 bow (weapon)1318 carrying2038 descriptive noise1366 eyes closed82650 female1271933 historical roleplay starlight37 history286 hoof hold7517 levitation10864 magic67322 mare432061 mongol38 ponies riding dragons110 riding4938 sword10866 telekinesis25104 tired2888 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117212 weapon27975 yelling2846


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@Background Pony #4DB4

thats the trouble with the mongols. they have a long history and no set uniforms or equipment standards. the armor they would use would vary based on their area of operations, on what they would buy, loot, or salvage, so there would be quite a bit of cross contamination of kit with other nations.

so i just based this armor on a generic 'mongol' look that is recognizable
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Horses of the eur-asian step are much smaller than their european counterparts. Allowing for more nimble movement and larger breeding pools; since they require less food having evolved in a more tundra-esque environment. They are the my littlest ponies.
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Starlight will meet her defeat at the divine being that is Celestia.
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What shocks me is Twilight using a BOOK as a shield….
Why would Book Horse use Book for anything but learning?
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