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Sooo I’m back, with a personal project I felt like doing it now, because I’m in the mood of being Twi’s stool as of lately >w<
Enjoy uwu
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questionable112398 artist:neoar2000108 twilight sparkle308469 oc722149 oc:neo star112 alicorn236195 pony1030117 3d82045 animated101937 book34978 both cutie marks10940 butt81718 canon x oc26483 face fart245 faceful of ass1365 facesitting3486 fart2314 fart fetish1135 female1418848 femdom8467 fetish42318 glowing horn20951 horn80835 huge butt10547 large butt18562 magic76388 male394172 malesub5202 mare511157 reading6490 shipping207683 size difference15237 sound9845 source filmmaker49289 stallion118667 starkle65 stool1768 straight141751 submissive17321 sweat28119 telekinesis29186 the ass was fat14358 twibutt5904 twidom1141 twilight has a big ass480 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127164 webm14846


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Background Pony #309F
I personally hate the oversized asses. It looks so silly for this kind of porn material. If it doesn’t look like it naturally belongs to the avatar.. it makes it silly and fake looking rather than enjoyable.
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