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Short description: Sexual, but not explicit; nipples, squicky fetish acts, sexual acts that aren't actually sex, etc.

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Detailed description:
Sexual acts that aren't quite sex, things closely resembling genitals, and nudity with actual features like nipples.

→Nipples on breasts
→Sexually-emphasized gross scenarios, such as:
→→Being in a throat, stomach, or intestines
→→Bodily waste being excreted, held in clothing, or sensually interacted with
→→Feet licking
→Extremely disproportionately large breasts, butts, or appendages (hyper)
→Obesity to the point of preventing standing
→Moderately-detailed genital shapes, sheaths, or anuses (hole-free shape with an outline, like a star/dot/line in a bump; non-shading contrast can count as forming lines)
→Moderately-detailed genital or anus outlines in clothing
→Sexualized touching of the following areas:
→→Between buttcheeks or around the anus
→Sex toys
→Would-be sex or ejaculation with stand-ins for genitals/anuses (such as sub sandwiches or horns)
→Implicit insertions (clearly going up a hole, but not visible and not done for them to get off, such as enemas or a comedic shove)
→Descriptions of sex acts (e.g. "penetrating her vagina", "licking his butthole")
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