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Sorry for the delay, folks - been fighting through a somewhat mild but rather nasty and persistent fever for a couple of weeks now. Will try to keep up with the weekly schedule again from now on.
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questionable111913 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217431 oc712832 oc:anon11926 human159094 pegasus309869 pony1012282 comic:hearts aflutter22 clothes476621 comic111579 female1403617 holding a pony3108 hug29163 imminent sex7382 kissing25408 mare503077 socks68634 thigh highs38226 winghug2986


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Background Pony #2B05
“been fighting through a somewhat mild but rather nasty and persistent fever for a couple of weeks now.”
Oh no…. OH FUCK NO!!
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Background Pony #F1BA
been fighting through a somewhat mild but rather nasty and persistent fever for a couple of weeks now.
Alcor no
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In terms of art you have significantly improved. While your art style is still largely the same it feels a lot more consistent. Before my main issue wasn’t the semi-anthro way you drew ponies but that it wasn’t consistent. With them being very equine in some panels but very anthropomorphic in others. Right now it feels consistent.
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Background Pony #D4AE
Well …  
In this Story Fluttershy want a (at least what she had in her mind, maybe that was she thought wanted) a non sexual romantic relation. This relation got it high point in the marriage and no when she had this fulfillment of her fairy tale she give’s in becource of duty.
If She dossent hafe a erotic intend (Even if she did not consciosly know it) it may be … akward… i hope she realise that it is about sex, its still Anon the Best and Greatest Pony Fu**er around all of Cloppquestria….

Doot Doot
She is fooling nobody, they both wound up tight as coils  
I bet 3 cookies and a cupcake the nervousness will disappear mid round and instinct will take over just like it got Purple Smart.
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It’s a bit strange she refers to him as a “human”. I would think she would either call him something like “my love” or call him a “stallion” because that would be what she sees him as. She is a mare and they desire a stallion. He would be her stallion, that he isn’t a real stallion would not matter to Fluttershy.  
That she refers to him by species kind of makes it feel like that’s what she sees him as first.
I think “stallion” fits best because right now she is acting like a mare first and foremost.
Background Pony #0861
oh dang, alcor caught corona. hope you recover easily. do you have a pulse oximeter?
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Background Pony #C2B3
Don’t pretend you’re not looking forward to this, Fluttershy. Because we KNOW you ARE!
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Échale vampiro
Flutters is old-fashioned, he must have ironclad will power for him to have such a gorgeous mare and resist being able to hit that, I hope she’s got a strong back. When she gets all that man and release all that that’s been built up, all the time they’ve been dating just wanting and wanting and wanting! WHOOO! Might make her head blow off. Pop goes the weasel!
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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
The rest of the comic could be nothing but tender smoochin like this, and I wouldn’t complain one bit.
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