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explicit361476 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217236 human158938 pony1010312 comic:hearts aflutter22 anatomically correct24794 bed42345 clitoris28397 clothes475907 comic111460 crotchboobs21814 eyes closed98040 female1401672 fingering4733 fondling495 hug29135 human male6784 human male on mare3720 human on pony action10710 interspecies23587 kissing25373 making out648 male387947 mare502072 nipples175371 nudity382296 pants15314 pink clitoris12 pink labia6 pink vagina20 pomf526 sex125704 shirt26166 socks68554 spread pussy3875 straight140318 vagina49873 vaginal secretions40898 vulva132312 vulvar winking12361 winghug2979


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I was a patreon of yours a while back and I love your artwork so much. The attention to detail, the narrative of story and how beautiful it’s presented is on a league few can match. But because of the recent policies on patreon that’s affected artists like you, I’m unable to continue to support you there. Truth be told I no longer have the funds to support most anyone who I’ve pledged too in the past. But I do wanna miss out on your exclusive artwork that don’t get posted here on Derpibooru. So I wanna ask if there’s another way to view your art on another site or service that are exclusive to those places other than Derpibooru? Cause if so, I’d like to know and see them. I might not be able to support you financially anymore for the time being, but I’d still love to see your works. If you could let me know, I’d greatly appreciate it.
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Background Pony #C370
Oh god. I coud not let the shirt on for one second, i think i would cum from the sensation to feel her wings on my skin a few times premature befor i had the changse to lick that Pussy (Dont worry there is enough clopppower to still fxxk her for good after a few shots just for fun)

But Annon ist the absolute Master, he will do her a few times befor he even lose a singel drop of cum…..
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Wallet After Summer Sale -
Artist -

It tends to be the life cycle of any service.

1: Offer a service for all users.
2: Grow popular because they're open for all services.
3: Abruptly turn away the less wholesome users of the service.

Basically everyone's open to allowing anything as long as they're fresh on the field. Soon as they think they have the ability to stand on their own they turn away the "undesirables" from their service. Sometimes they don't realize how much they relied on them — like in Tumblr's case.

I love how soft and squishy the vagina look, awesome! :D
I remember Patreon has always been wiping out NSFW artists. It's only a matter of time before they start a Tumblr like website-wide purge.
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Background Pony #EFA7
Вот уж только не Флаттершай! Кого угодно только не Флаттершай.

Как спутницы жизни:

1. Твайлайт, Райнбов, Пинки — самые лучшие

2. Рарити, Эпплджек — могут быть проблемы,

3. Флаттершай — ни в коем случае.
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