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safe1635675 artist:azamiii47 cloudchaser3782 flitter2950 pegasus264411 pony900798 blushing185832 bow26429 bust45334 cute189055 cutechaser83 duo54388 eye clipping through hair4814 eyeshadow14387 female1301818 flitterbetes137 hair bow14427 head tilt1027 lidded eyes28787 looking at you156189 makeup19691 mare447978 portrait29510 simple background369423 smiling229347 smirk11769 smug5593 white background91625


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Background Pony #7107
Flitter: Oh look at Rumble he's so cute!

Cloudchaser: Yep real cute… really really cute.

Flitter: We're gonna tie him up and snog him aren't we?

Cloudchaser: I taught you well, sister. We'll invite Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo too. I'm pretty sure Rumble would enjoy his fillyfriend's accompaniment at our "sleepover".