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The Copperpie Chronicles: Dine & Dash

Comic commissioned from Niban-Destikim.
No one should be made to feel ashamed of their body.
safe1577906 artist:niban-destikim351 dumbbell607 hoops404 pinkie pie203479 quarterback185 sunny sugarsocks60 tip top58 oc606337 oc:copper plume435 comic:the copperpie chronicles46 equestria girls180550 absurd resolution63990 angry24021 bow24298 breasts240323 bully433 bullying554 burger1601 busty pinkie pie9593 butt touch2849 canon x oc22078 chubbie pie406 chubby12679 clapping613 clothes409926 comic101689 commission52268 commissioner:imperfectxiii434 copperpie384 crying40221 dialogue60690 diner310 diner uniform52 doo wop24 equestria girls-ified8536 fat19972 fat shaming14 female901239 food61002 freckles25477 french fries494 glasses55009 greasy joe4 hair over eyes898 hair over one eye8156 hamburger535 hand on hip4586 high five203 imminent diarrhea4 jeans3349 kissing22477 laughing7125 laxative41 male306225 milkshake1417 milkshake malt24 neckerchief1428 notepad465 pants12299 pen1099 phone5145 plump6675 ponytail15643 potty emergency495 potty time1149 pudgy pie1382 roller skates757 server pinkie pie299 shipping184266 shirt21304 shoes30433 smiling215563 sneakers4680 spatula133 speech bubble20593 stomach noise2701 straight121886 surprise kiss738 table8211 tears of joy2147 thought bubble3004 wide eyes16202


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This was like a parody of a cringy fantasy, but without being a parody. We all know Pinkie could've just asked if they wanted sprinkles on their shakes, and then blow them up. And then kick them out. She and her co-workers wouldn't just take that mistreatment. It's awkward that Pinkie needed to be shown as weak in order for this Copper guy to have any worth. He had to be the hero, instead of letting Pinkie solve this herself and congratulate her.

And he did so by committing a crime and putting Pinkie's career in danger. That's not brave or cool. If we're ignoring consequences, then he shoulda beaten their asses. If we're not, he should have encouraged Pinkie to ban the three.

Also Copper's glasses vanished in the last panel.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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And they lived happily ever after. Also, this is exactly why you don't fuck with Servers, Dentists, Doctors, Barbers or Lawyers. They have ways to fuck you up.