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Added frames, adjusted timings, cleaned up outlines, edited color. >>231990 (merged)
APNG version: >>1225564

safe2207558 artist:marminatoror3 edit176738 rainbow dash283910 scootaloo59404 pegasus511763 pony1637899 g42062559 just for sidekicks1054 season 33293 sleepless in ponyville1473 ^^3479 adventure in the comments1348 animated128273 blank flank10149 blinking5231 boop9485 cute270776 cutealoo4035 daaaaaaaaaaaw7203 dashabetes12586 derail in the comments369 duo183082 duo female35216 eyes closed142261 female1840876 filly100344 folded wings21574 gif49935 grin64500 happy45576 heartwarming1020 hnnng2775 king of the upvote bait1 looking around190 looking at someone17850 mare765160 multicolored hair12695 multicolored mane5440 multicolored tail3836 nose kiss210 nose rub26 nose wrinkle4001 nuzzling5125 purple eyes6547 rainbow hair5206 rainbow tail936 saddle bag8425 scootalove2151 shifty eyes168 show accurate27288 siblings23195 simple background614059 sisters18914 sitting95159 smiling409906 standing26819 sweet dreams fuel2121 tail109446 transparent background291314 tsunderainbow527 tsundere3505 upvote event horizon1 weapons-grade cute4744 wholesome1540 wings232660


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Background Pony #8F9B
There is a mismatch here. The API reports this image to be 445x354px while the actual image dimensions are 638x388px.  
The two have different aspect ratios so the image gets squshed in certain contexts. Specifically when data-scaled="false" which is supposed to show the image raw.
Background Pony #C632
When I clicked on the all time top scoring images, the majority are perverted images of naked animal. HOWEVER, I saw this image, and while I HATE fillies with a fervor, AT LEAST this image is on the level.