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Remake of: >>2153330

Sandbar: *sad Sandbar noises*

Silverstream: Sandbar, what's wrong?

Yona: Why Sandbar sad this time?

Sandbar: *more sad Sandbar noises*

Gallus: *sigh* The ice cream cart started playing a sad song.

Sandbar: Ice cream cart songs are supposed to be happy!! *even more sad Sandbar noises*

Yona: There, there, Sandbar. Yona here. *pats Sandbar*

Smolder: *approaches, grumbling*

Ocellus: So I'm guessing you guys didn't get any ice cream.

Smolder: How could we?! Sadbar just started crying all of a sudden while we were waiting in line!!

Sandbar: *sniffling* I— I told you, Smolder. That-that— that song always makes sad.

Smolder: How?!

Sandbar: Once when I— I was a young colt, I… *sniffle* I dropped my ice cream w— while that song was playing.

Smolder: …I'm going back in line. The ice cream cart better still be there.

Ocellus: I'd better follow you, Smolder, just in case.
safe1657633 alternate version41448 artist:gd_inuk101 gallus6476 sandbar5280 silverstream5913 yona4931 classical hippogriff4758 earth pony231143 hippogriff9228 pony921976 yak4427 bow27207 brown background728 cloven hooves9568 concerned800 crying42133 descriptive noise1420 eyes closed88209 female1320851 floppy ears49842 hair bow14727 high res24719 hug27201 jewelry58872 male356942 monkey swings1279 necklace17360 sad23779 simple background377263 story included8645 winghug2786 wings97080


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