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Remake of: >>2153330
Sandbar: *sad Sandbar noises*
Silverstream: Sandbar, what’s wrong?
Yona: Why Sandbar sad this time?
Sandbar: *more sad Sandbar noises*
Gallus: *sigh* The ice cream cart started playing a sad song.
Sandbar: Ice cream cart songs are supposed to be happy!! *even more sad Sandbar noises*
Yona: There, there, Sandbar. Yona here. *pats Sandbar*
Smolder: *approaches, grumbling*
Ocellus: So I’m guessing you guys didn’t get any ice cream.
Smolder: How could we?! Sadbar just started crying all of a sudden while we were waiting in line!!
Sandbar: *sniffling* I– I told you, Smolder. That-that– that song always makes sad.
Smolder: How?!
Sandbar: Once when I– I was a young colt, I… *sniffle* I dropped my ice cream w– while that song was playing.
Smolder: …I’m going back in line. The ice cream cart better still be there.
Ocellus: I’d better follow you, Smolder, just in case.
safe1765550 alternate version51235 artist:gd_inuk101 gallus7056 sandbar5643 silverstream6348 yona5259 classical hippogriff5145 earth pony272542 hippogriff10233 pony1025500 yak4769 bow30341 brown background829 cloven hooves10706 concerned859 crying45223 descriptive noise1463 eyes closed99562 female1414869 floppy ears55277 hair bow16558 high res34187 hug29355 jewelry70016 male392711 monkey swings1332 necklace21119 sad25313 simple background413990 story included9690 winghug3003 wings125948


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