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[angry Australian noises]

safe2171848 artist:acesential6 artist:andrea radeck5 artist:jargon scott3121 artist:jennifer l. meyer15 artist:john thacker15 edit172837 nightmare moon20354 owlowiscious2219 princess cadance39998 queen chrysalis42136 rarity217314 twilight sparkle357314 alicorn313570 bird13717 changeling65850 changeling queen23856 owl1721 pony1599945 unicorn536837 g42026614 adorable distress895 against glass1841 angry36597 big crown thingy3158 book43489 carousel boutique3130 cloud43133 cloudsdale1596 comic135243 crying55375 cute265421 cutedance1602 d:563 duo169192 element of generosity1411 element of honesty1387 element of kindness1569 element of laughter1412 element of loyalty1610 element of magic3523 elements of harmony2889 ethereal mane13435 everything is fixed58 everything is ruined347 eyes closed138740 eyes on the prize6827 fangs39994 female1799896 flailing541 flapping941 flying54917 food101114 frown36084 glare9052 glass6777 hoof hold12919 hoof shoes9717 horrified888 jewelry112721 leaning5342 looking at something5026 looking at you258723 looking over shoulder4701 madorable1088 magic96475 magic the gathering933 mare739235 no pupils5785 ocular gushers400 open mouth237000 pineapple610 ponies the galloping25 princess sadance90 pure unfiltered evil1988 rainbow waterfall423 raised hoof69712 reeee249 regalia36338 ribbon9108 sad31340 sadorable1613 scissors1421 sewing needle172 simple background594789 smiling396576 solo focus29282 spread wings94203 starry mane7131 tears of anger206 teary eyes6851 telekinesis38988 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148978 twilight's castle5539 underhoof68856 wat21809 white background161083 wide eyes19861 window13972 wingboner9641 wings222279


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Hey people, you can use a service like Shipito to receive your mail inside the US and send it back to you. I use it from France and it works well, it’s a bit expensive tho, but the cards are already 50$ anyway for 3 cards so you know you’re gonna spend a lot, even tho it’s a sale for charity.
Background Pony #A213
Because the postal system outside of the US is a hellhole.
There are a LOT of import/export rules, regulations, laws and treaties that don’t apply to individual customers, but do apply to corporations/large shipments of product. Its (partly) why Fedex and UPS (not USPS) have a de facto monopoly on the private global logistical system.
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Sorry, not upside-down enough to be memetically Australian. Even if there is a giant arthropod just off screen. G’day, mate.

I’ve used shopusa.com in the past for stuff like this. It’s a professional remailer. You order whatever and give them their address, and they forward it to you. It takes a little longer, but it gets around retarded restrictions like this.
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I really don’t get why all these unique, limited items seem to be locked to the US market.
Come on, Europe isn’t that small :c