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Ask me something you want me to draw, and I'll draw it if I'm feeling bored… I might even do a digital version if I have the time. Mostly though I just do traditional art because I'm not good with the drawing pad. I'm always open, all my stuff is free (because Capitalism sucks!).

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Have you ever cut yourself when running past sharp objects, handling a knife, or doing something else that has the potential to cut you… When you get cut, you don't notice the pain at first, you think nothing's wrong, then you look down, and see that part of your skin and flesh is moving in ways that don't seem correct, quickly followed by a torrent of blood. Your mind processes the fact that you were just hurt, and now, a second later, you're in mind-melting pain… Behold: Discovering that you're Transgender.

Have you ever wanted to be plagued by powerful feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing, or spend a few painfully slow minutes each day cursing the injustice of your own birth? And in the end, hating yourself for things beyond your control, and said hatred always dissolving into a deep depression once the torment subsides? Or what about feeling the overpowering need to talk to someone about these turbulent emotions, yet being too shy and untrusting to mention this fact. Before I came to realize this fact about myself, these things never happened, but now they do, and the feeling can best be described in the most infamous of quotes, "I have no mouth yet I must scream".

I'd take any amount of physical suffering over this, because at least when you get cut you have an object to your suffering, and thus can pour all the sulphurous hatred born from such pain into the aforementioned implement that had caused this suffering… Suffering that I am incapable of fighting against, or even hiding from, save for in the bliss of sleep and the distractions afforded by the internet, distractions that are preventing me from doing other, more productive things with my time.

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