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This scene hit me hard, and left me depressed.
And, I don’t ever watch this episode.

Only logical choice for me, to cheer myself up, was to listen to this song many times.
Did you find any bigger meaning in this? I don’t care…

What’s So Funny ’Bout Peace, Love And Understanding…
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TheKman100's avatar
MLP, Megaman, Modularity
My only complaint is that we never got to see Cozy Glow’s parents. Or parental figures.

I mean, wouldn’t this make them hit the roof?!
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Paulli's avatar
This isn’t a big deal. I’ve seen more villains that deserve no redemption than this. Like Disney/Pixar, they’re doing a better job determining villains’ fates in my opinion, like Scar, Syndrome, Cruella, Hans or Lotso.

Don’t @ me because this isn’t fact. Just an opinion.
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Iron Storm
Raggedy Man
Pretty much. Celestia herself even said it before he was freed again. Snd the stone spell used was cast by Celestia, Luna, and Discord. Twilight might not be able to free them even if she wanted to.
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Smart Heart's avatar
Smart Heart
Queen Chrysalis: I-I wasn’t sure you were going to give it back.
Lord Tirek: Neither was I. But working together seemed smarter than to continue fighting.
Cozy Glow: When we helped each other, it felt better somehow.
Queen Chrysalis: I haven’t felt like this since before I lost my hive. Having others who will be there for you is… pleasing.
Lord Tirek: All of these years taking power from ponies…
Cozy Glow: When you use your power to help others…
Queen Chrysalis: Yes, it feels… NOOOOOOOOO!
Cozy Glow and Lord Tirek: Whoa!
Queen Chrysalis: The Magic of Friendship is like a disease! An infection that spreads to those around you! I watched it infect my hive! I will not let it get me!

In this moment, Chrysalis was the first to reject these feelings. Tirek and Cozy almost seemed perfectly fine with this feeling.
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@Smart Heart
I refer back to my earlier comment.
"Pretending otherwise is just being in full on denial about what is shown to us."

That is now aimed at you. you are in denial. you refuse to see the facts.
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Iron Storm
Raggedy Man
@Smart Heart
It felt good because they were winning. Even if freed they would spend s long time imprisoned. Tirek is essentially a magic vampire. Chrysalis might be turned over to the Changelings but could easily be brought up on dozens of charges, and Cozy…well has anyone considered Child Protection Services?
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@Smart Heart
He only gave her back the magic because he still needed her aid against the ponies.

He will backstab her the moment the opportunity presents itself and he has assured victory.
Pretending otherwise is just being in full on denial about what is shown to us.
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@Smart Heart

Cozy Glow literally started an entire song about loving being evil in the same episode a bit earlier.

Chrysalis didn’t have to convince anyone. They were all evil from the start.
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Comments80 comments posted