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Row 1: Cloverleaf, Cheerilee, Cherry Blossom, Helia, Rainbow Stars, Blossomforth, Photo Finish, Hoity Toity, Coloratura, Moondancer, Honey Lemon, Public Works Pony, Yuma Spurs, Quiet Gestures, Douglas Spruce
Row 2: Granny Smith, Toola Roola, Coconut Cream, Mayor Mare, Angel Wings (itunes updated), Spoiled Rich, Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Sprout Greenhoof, Morning Roast, Booksmart, 4 unnamed polo players
Row 3: Chock-full Carafe, Feather bangs, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Strawberry Sunrise, Nurse Redheart, “PJ”, Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Big Macintosh, Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Manehattan Delegate, March Gustysnows (Whinnyapolis Delegate), Free Throw , Tropical Dream
Row 4: Star Streak, Inky Rose, Lily Lace, Vapor Trail, Sky Stinger, Burning Passion, Fresh Coat, Cleopatra Jazz, Flashdancer, Trixie, Party Favor, Double Diamond, Frazzle Rock (Nerdy Delegate), “Dr. Steve Brule”, masseuse pony, fleur de verre
Row 5: Chipcutter, Charity Sweetmint (my interpretation), Radiant Hope, Babs Seed, Sappho, Lightning Dust, “Crystal Hoof” (Thorax), Saffron Masala, Coriander Cumin, Trixie’s Mom, Penny Ante, Copper Top, Bittersweet, Leadwing, “Annoyed Delegate”, Leonardo da Brinci
Row 6: Star Swirl (Alternate, Journal Cover), Star Swirl (Friendship University), Meadowbrook (Assumed, Journal Cover), Rockhoof, Flash Magnus, Mistmane, Somnambula, Wind Rider, Stormy Flare, Bulk Biceps, Tree Hugger, Clear Skies, Open Skies, The Little Match Filly, Quarter Hearts, Suri Polomare
Row 7: Twilight Velvet, Mrs. Shy, Pear Butter, Windy Whistles, Cookie Crumbles, Cloudy Quartz, Marble Pie, Limestone Pie, Derpy, Crackle Pop, Fluffy Clouds, Sunshower, Zecora, Lyra Heartstrings, Minty Bubblegum, Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops
Row 8: Night Light, Mr. Shy, Bright Mac, Bow Hothoof, Hondo Flanks, Igneous Rock, Maud Pie (Toys), Maud Pie (Show), Cinnamon Chai, Merry May, Cloud Kicker, Royal Riff, Sunburst’s Dad, Sunburst’s Mom, Cherry Fizzy, Lemon Hearts
Row 9: Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Wild Fire, Lucky Clover, Buddy, Minuette & Doctor Whooves, Sea Swirl, Twinkleshine, Crescent Pony/Mane Moon, Aloe & Lotus Blossom, Vera, Coco Pommel
Row 10: Shining Armor, Zephyr Breeze, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Flash Sentry, Lavender Essence, Birch Bucket, Troubleshoes, Tender Taps, Soarin’, Spitfire, Thunderlane, Fleetfoot, Cattail, Petunia Paleo
Row 11: Princess Cadance, Cirrus Cloud (IDW), Surprise (Unofficial), Sandbar, Jiffy Bake/Rachel Neigh, Misty Fly, Jack Pot, Mudbriar, Pony Rick, Stellar Flare, Firelight, Appointed Rounds, Rainy Day, Sunny Delivery, Snails, Snips
Row 12: Gizmo, Steela Oresdottir (IDW), Shutter Bug (Chrysalis), Aunt Holiday (IDW), Aunt Holiday (DHX), Auntie Lofty (IDW), Auntie Lofty (DHX), Queen Cleopatrot (IDW), G1-G4 Bon Bon (Unofficial), Minty, Bellflower Blurb, Dusty Pages, Quibble Pants, Clear Sky, Wind Sprint, Power Jerk
Row 13: Amber Grain, Auburn Vision, Clever Musings, Bifrost, Night View, Peppermint Goldylinks, Berry Blend, Starblazer, Dawnlighter, November Rain, Citrine Spark, Loganberry, End Zone, Golden Crust, Fire Flicker, Huckleberry
Row 14: Fuchsia Frost, Berry Sweet, Tune-Up, Midnight Snack, Ocarina Green, Peppe Ronnie, Sugar Maple, Slate Sentiments, Violet Twirl
Row 15: Kerfuffle, Desert Wind
Doesn’t have all the students yet, but getting there.
safe1783367 artist:cheezedoodle96876 aloe2732 amber grain108 angel wings253 annoyed delegate27 apple bloom52041 applejack175632 auburn vision281 babs seed5858 bellflower blurb71 berry blend498 berry bliss498 berry sweet107 bifröst146 big macintosh29174 birch bucket58 bittersweet (character)98 blossomforth1448 bon bon16846 booksmart32 bow hothoof1108 bright mac1395 buddy89 bulk biceps3521 burning passion52 cattail93 charity sweetmint11 cheerilee10161 cherry blossom (idw)67 cherry cola540 cherry fizzy600 chipcutter119 chock-full carafe20 cinnamon chai59 cirrus slate33 citrine spark431 clear skies177 clear sky466 cleopatra jazz94 clever musings180 cloud kicker2121 cloudy quartz1447 cloverleaf87 coco pommel6162 coconut cream252 coloratura3054 constructicorn26 cookie crumbles1101 copper top417 coriander cumin150 crackle pop205 crescent pony201 crystal hoof119 dawnlighter87 derpy hooves51165 desert wind64 diamond tiara10521 doctor whooves11024 double diamond1711 douglas spruce41 dr. steve brule30 dusty pages111 end zone90 evergreen41 feather bangs581 filthy rich1188 fire flicker135 fire quacker430 flash magnus872 flash sentry13331 flashdancer86 fleetfoot2274 fleur de verre254 fluffy clouds80 fluttershy220277 frazzle rock137 free throw49 fresh coat247 fuchsia frost125 gentle breeze417 gizmo183 golden crust158 granny smith5489 helia267 hermes (character)19 hoity toity1023 hondo flanks581 honey lemon91 huckleberry384 igneous rock pie938 inky rose528 joe pescolt52 kerfuffle562 lavender essence58 leadwing102 lemon hearts2268 leonardo da brinci19 lily lace205 limestone pie5184 loganberry122 lotus blossom2872 lucky clover648 lyra heartstrings30361 mane moon201 marble pie6790 march gustysnows251 masseuse pony22 maud pie12882 mayor mare3382 meadowbrook877 merry may863 midnight snack (character)168 minty1290 minty bubblegum107 minuette6050 mistmane803 moondancer5086 moondancer's sister87 morning roast87 mudbriar831 night glider1396 night light2458 night view104 november rain600 nurse redheart3689 ocarina green66 open skies124 party favor1567 pear butter3009 penny ante11 peppe ronnie46 peppermint goldylinks493 photo finish2703 pinkie pie222873 posey shy1378 power jerk20 princess cadance33608 princess celestia97758 princess luna101934 public works pony19 quarter hearts128 quibble pants1559 quiet gestures56 radiant hope551 rainbow dash241527 rainbow stars256 rarity188215 rockhoof1181 royal riff402 saffron masala1681 sandbar5701 scootaloo52390 sea swirl1690 seafoam1690 shining armor23924 silver spoon6702 sky stinger543 slate sentiments127 soarin'14343 somnambula2017 spitfire13837 spoiled rich1206 sprout greenhoof120 star swirl the bearded2080 starblazer12 starlight glimmer50513 starstreak95 stellar flare1291 stormy flare270 strawberry sunrise384 sugar belle3264 sugar maple150 sunburst7167 sunflower spectacle217 sunshower165 sunspot (character)59 suri polomare1253 sweetie belle50220 sweetie drops16846 tender taps727 thorax4564 thunderlane4266 time turner11020 tom897 toola roola788 tree hugger2939 trixie69567 tropical dream93 trouble shoes1207 tune-up62 twilight sparkle310021 twilight velvet4541 twinkleshine2362 vapor trail1087 vera158 violet twirl163 oc730790 oc:sappho51 campfire tales763 daring done?985 idw15646 shadow play1328 spoiler:comic10842 spoiler:comic40158 .svg available8584 cutie mark51091 cutie mark only1468 friendship student1775 hoofsies77 las pegasus resident553 mona lisa81 no pony11315 polo player20 pony lisa2 simple background421676 spa pony285 spa twins1408 svg3778 the legend of zelda3682 transparent background214377 vector79006 wall of tags3941


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I love that two ponies have (American) footballs as their CM, and the last time we saw one in the show was S1, and now nobody talks about them because hoofball replaced what I think Lauren wanted to try to inserting football into the show early on (or perhaps one of the early writers), and now it’s just kind of this weird human world thing hanging out in dead space that nobody has an answer to why there exist references to it in the show.
Background Pony #ECB6
Wow. With this image, I just see that someone could Do a the binding of Isaac rip off
The characters are going yo be blank flanks of the main and secondary characters which all have different traits and instead of picking up Items, they would pick up cutie marks which give’em special abilities. The only thing left is figuring out enemies and emplacements… Keeping it in mind…