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Here’s a dump of all the marks I can find that I’ve done so far. Left room to add on for later, and will update as I do more characters.

Star Swirl’s and Meadowbrook’s, though not seen in the episodes, are both based on the covers of their journals.

Row 1: Cloverleaf, Cheerilee, Cherry Blossom, Helia, Rainbow Stars, Blossomforth, Photo Finish, Hoity Toity, Coloratura, Moondancer, Honey Lemon, Public Works Pony, Yuma Spurs, Quiet Gestures, Douglas Spruce

Row 2: Granny Smith, Toola Roola, Coconut Cream, Mayor Mare, Angel Wings (itunes updated), Spoiled Rich, Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Sprout Greenhoof, Morning Roast, Booksmart, 4 unnamed polo players

Row 3: Chock-full Carafe, Feather bangs, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Strawberry Sunrise, Nurse Redheart, "PJ", Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Big Macintosh, Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Manehattan Delegate, March Gustysnows (Whinnyapolis Delegate), Free Throw , Tropical Dream

Row 4: Star Streak, Inky Rose, Lily Lace, Vapor Trail, Sky Stinger, Burning Passion, Fresh Coat, Cleopatra Jazz, Flashdancer, Trixie, Party Favor, Double Diamond, Frazzle Rock (Nerdy Delegate), “Dr. Steve Brule”, masseuse pony, fleur de verre

Row 5: Chipcutter, Charity Sweetmint (my interpretation), Radiant Hope, Babs Seed, Sappho, Quibble Pants, “Crystal Hoof” (Thorax), Saffron Masala, Coriander Cumin, Trixie’s Mom, Penny Ante, Copper Top, Bittersweet, Leadwing, “Annoyed Delegate”, Leonardo da Brinci

Row 6: Star Swirl (Assumed), Meadowbrook (Assumed), Rockhoof, Flash Magnus, Mistmane, Somnambula, Wind Rider, Stormy Flare, Bulk Biceps, Tree Hugger, Clear Skies, Open Skies, The Little Match Filly, Quarter Hearts, Suri Polomare, Gizmo

Row 7: Twilight Velvet, Mrs. Shy, Pear Butter, Windy Whistles, Cookie Crumbles, Cloudy Quartz, Marble Pie, Limestone Pie, Derpy, Crackle Pop, Fluffy Clouds, Sunshower, Zecora, Lyra Heartstrings, Minty Bubblegum, Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops

Row 8: Night Light, Mr. Shy, Bright Mac, Bow Hothoof, Hondo Flanks, Igneous Rock, Maud Pie (Toys), Maud Pie (Show), Cinnamon Chai, Merry May, Cloud Kicker, Royal Riff, Sunburst’s Dad, Sunburst’s Mom, Cherry Fizzy, Lemon Hearts

Row 9: Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Wild Fire, Lucky Clover, Buddy, Minuette & Doctor Whooves, Sea Swirl, Twinkleshine, Crescent Pony/Mane Moon, Aloe & Lotus Blossom, Vera, Coco Pommel

Row 10: Shining Armor, Zephyr Breeze, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Flash Sentry, Lavender Essence, Birch Bucket, Troubleshoes, Tender Taps, Soarin’, Spitfire, Thunderlane, Fleetfoot, Cattail

Row 11: Princess Cadance
safe (1361661)artist:cheezedoodle96 (651)aloe (2146)angel wings (192)annoyed delegate (13)apple bloom (41574)applejack (141006)babs seed (5282)big macintosh (24224)birch bucket (52)bittersweet (character) (65)blossomforth (1247)bon bon (14019)booksmart (25)bow hothoof (704)bright mac (887)buddy (41)bulk biceps (2820)burning passion (28)cattail (54)charity sweetmint (11)cheerilee (8532)cherry blossom (idw) (54)cherry cola (345)cherry fizzy (406)chipcutter (93)chock-full carafe (15)cinnamon chai (44)clear skies (122)cleopatra jazz (68)cloud kicker (1412)cloudy quartz (1014)cloverleaf (81)coconut cream (190)coco pommel (4912)coloratura (2379)cookie crumbles (717)copper top (292)coriander cumin (119)crackle pop (172)crescent pony (151)crystal hoof (109)derpy hooves (44731)diamond tiara (8784)doctor whooves (9168)double diamond (1400)douglas spruce (34)dr. steve brule (10)evergreen (34)feather bangs (407)filthy rich (970)flashdancer (77)flash magnus (544)flash sentry (10228)fleetfoot (1651)fleur de verre (172)fluffy clouds (59)fluttershy (175813)frazzle rock (99)free throw (24)fresh coat (149)gizmo (164)granny smith (4288)helia (170)hoity toity (890)hondo flanks (383)honey lemon (72)igneous rock (715)inky rose (372)joe pescolt (27)lavender essence (39)leadwing (74)lemon hearts (1613)leonardo da brinci (13)lily lace (164)limestone pie (4168)lotus blossom (2282)lucky clover (469)lyra heartstrings (25176)mane moon (152)marble pie (5376)march gustysnows (203)masseuse pony (15)maud pie (10650)mayor mare (2607)meadowbrook (538)merry may (572)minty bubblegum (80)minuette (4865)mistmane (511)moondancer (3654)moondancer's sister (44)morning roast (44)mr. shy (206)mrs. shy (776)night glider (1121)night light (1603)nurse redheart (2863)open skies (91)party favor (1256)pear butter (1842)penny ante (5)photo finish (2312)pinkie pie (181063)princess cadance (27038)princess celestia (80481)princess luna (85060)public works pony (16)quarter hearts (105)quibble pants (1274)quiet gestures (49)radiant hope (375)rainbow dash (195636)rainbow stars (140)rarity (149896)rockhoof (782)royal riff (241)saffron masala (1274)scootaloo (44891)seafoam (1153)sea swirl (1154)shining armor (19259)silver spoon (5629)sky stinger (377)soarin' (12124)somnambula (1281)spitfire (11619)spoiled rich (795)sprout greenhoof (86)starlight glimmer (35256)starstreak (76)star swirl the bearded (1663)stellar flare (687)stormy flare (168)strawberry sunrise (251)sugar belle (2089)sunburst (4200)sunshower (136)sunspot (character) (35)suri polomare (1033)sweetie belle (42038)sweetie drops (14010)tender taps (584)thorax (3336)thunderlane (3352)time turner (9124)tom (807)toola roola (666)tree hugger (2348)trixie (53346)trixie's mom (118)tropical dream (67)troubleshoes clyde (816)twilight sparkle (248441)twilight velvet (3207)twinkleshine (1709)vapor trail (697)vera (106)wild fire (872)wind rider (175)windy whistles (1510)yuma spurs (49)zecora (7612)zephyr breeze (1582)oc (494682)oc:sappho (45)campfire tales (676)daring done? (855)idw (12182)shadow play (1097)spoiler:comic (8410)spoiler:comic40 (136)spoiler:s07e18 (4)cutie mark (32370)hoofsies (78)las pegasus resident (391)mona lisa (75)nerdy delegate (11)pj (7)polo player (19)pony lisa (2)svg (2765).svg available (6428)vector (63648)wall of tags (1559)


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Background Pony #1800
Wow. With this image, I just see that someone could Do a the binding of Isaac rip off

The characters are going yo be blank flanks of the main and secondary characters which all have different traits and instead of picking up Items, they would pick up cutie marks which give’em special abilities. The only thing left is figuring out enemies and emplacements… Keeping it in mind…
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