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Naming Background Ponies Thread!

Started by ArrJaySketch
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I'm just this pone, see?
I don’t know about you all, but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the new background ponies!

This thread is for naming those ponies. Images of such background ponies are typically tagged with "unnamed pony".

Please link the image to the background pony or ponies you’d like pick a name for. >>515071p, for instance, will show this pony:

When suggesting a name, please be sure to reply to the image you’re suggesting the name for, so there’s no confusion! From my time in the fandom, it seems that a majority preference tends to win. Sometimes characters are known by more than one name in close ties!

This post is mostly to collect all the unnamed ponies in one spot, so it’s a little easier to keep track of who needs a new name!
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Looks like Spoiled Rich, whose maiden name is apparently Milk, so maybe Spilled Milk? Or Sunny Milk?

The first one has a guitar cutie mark, the second looks like Aura, and the third looks like Braeburn with a watermelon slice. Maybe the first one could be something like "Mariachi", not sure on the other two, though the second one is just adorable.

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Background Pony #ADD1
Hm… Well how about Mixoralpatrionist, there is nopony with that name yet, and since she was seen with Cheerilee and Sassaflash her having a nonsense name makes total sense!
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