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The Crossover Game We All Want & Need, My Little Resident Evil 4.
Thorax as Leon Scott Kennedy  
Rainbow Dash as Ashley Graham  
Spike as Luis Sera  
Unnamed Female Changeling as Ada Wong  
Pharynx as Jack Krauser  
Trixie Lulamoon as HUNK  
Discord as Wesker  
Mystery pony as The Merchant, Los Illuminados, and Vredugo  
Changelings as The Ganados  
Queen Chrysalis as Bitores Mendez  
Cozy Glow as Ramon Salazar  
King Sombra as Osmund Saddler

Coming out Soon I hope.  
Takes place in season 6 and between episodes 24 and 25  
Mystery means unknown until known

artist needed28934 source needed23529 safe2152726 edit171134 edited screencap89243 screencap293549 cozy glow9471 discord37237 king sombra17020 pharynx1291 queen chrysalis41773 rainbow dash277092 shining armor27664 spike91725 thorax5429 trixie78928 changeling65020 pony1580613 zombie3088 a canterlot wedding3644 g42005121 it ain't easy being breezies992 no second prances2063 school raze2579 season 24798 season 32467 season 44768 season 53579 season 62777 season 72367 season 82734 the crystal empire3340 the cutie map4361 the return of harmony2365 the times they are a changeling1023 to change a changeling849 spoiler:s082031 ada wong26 amry1 angry36234 armor30782 arrow2929 ashley graham22 axe2137 background pony12221 bald2934 beard5549 bitores mendez1 blacktail4 blue eyes12102 bowgun6 canterlot7085 capcom275 cloak6253 clothes624877 collar47195 computer8088 creature205 cropped60903 crossover72593 crown29366 dahlia (changeling)2 dress60931 evil3836 evil eyes115 evil grin6341 eyebrows23235 eyelashes25879 facial hair9900 female1779121 filly96086 flower38632 ganado1 gas mask1826 glasses87205 grin61908 gritted teeth19084 grr6 handgun4035 hat122567 hissing551 hmm92 holding arms79 hood2037 horn178362 hunk46 indoors7695 jack krauser4 jacket19538 jewelry110539 leon s. kennedy69 looking at you254114 looking left174 looking right175 los illuminados2 luis sera1 magic95429 male542365 man160 mare727169 mask9964 merchant57 moustache3879 my little pony1252 my little pony logo6123 mystery199 open mouth232648 osmund saddler3 outdoors20674 pink eyes1851 pirate hat781 pitchfork363 pointing5655 ponyville7739 purple changeling2197 purple eyes5678 question mark6592 ramon salazar2 reaction image10487 red91 regalia35666 resident evil519 resident evil 484 resident evil logo4 robe4804 scarf31827 seat347 shield2710 sitting90642 sky22581 smiling389193 stallion191395 standing24011 sunglasses20785 tmp10 unamused23724 unknown pony305 vector89261 verdugo2 weapon40694 wesker9 wizard hat1244 woman580


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Non-Fungible Trixie -

RE 4 is an amazing game! When it moved to motion control…. it blew the doors off me.  
NOW, that i have nerdgassamed, i wish to make my opinion.  
Trixie should be the Vendor as it would fit her more than HUNK.