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Images tagged bald

Size: 2768x2025 | Tagged: artist:sh3llysh00, bald, female, filly, magical lesbian spawn, oc, oc:royal sunset, offspring, parent:pinkie pie, parents:twinkie, parent:twilight sparkle, pony, reference sheet, safe, solo, unicorn
Size: 1200x675 | Tagged: artist:pony-berserker, bald, duo, earth pony, grayscale, i can't believe it's not idw, male, monochrome, mudbriar, party cannon, pawn shop, pawn stars, ponified, pony, pony-berserker's twitter sketches, rick harrison, safe, simple background, speech bubble, spiked club, stallion, white background
Size: 1385x985 | Tagged: artist:didun850, assassin, bald, bust, chainsaw, cloak, clothes, corrupted twilight sparkle, crown, discorded, eyeliner, eyepatch, female, glowing horn, gun, hood, horn, jewelry, king sombra, magic, makeup, male, mare, red eyes, regalia, safe, simple background, slit eyes, sombra eyes, stallion, telekinesis, transparent background, twilight sparkle, unicorn, unicorn twilight, weapon
Size: 4000x4000 | Tagged: safe, artist:miokomata, fluttershy, pony, semi-anthro, bald, chest fluff, dancing, dock, female, floppy ears, looking at you, mare, rear view, simple background, white background
Size: 1696x1178 | Tagged: artist:youkastray, bald, earth pony, male, oc, oc:goldrush gala, pony, safe, simple background, solo, stallion, transparent background
Size: 1024x625 | Tagged: artist:chococolte, bald, bow, clothes, female, hair bow, mare, oc, pegasus, safe, simple background, solo, tail bow, transparent background
Size: 1024x480 | Tagged: artist:chococolte, bald, base used, female, mare, oc, original species, pony, safe, simple background, solo, transparent background
Size: 4000x4000 | Tagged: safe, artist:miokomata, fluttershy, oc, oc:dazzling talents, alicorn, pegasus, pony, alicorn oc, bald, blushing, chest fluff, dialogue, drinking glass, exclamation point, female, floppy ears, freckles, glass, ice, mare, monochrome, simple background, sketch, tiny, tiny ponies
Size: 1024x572 | Tagged: artist:chococolte, bald, bat pony, clothes, female, mare, oc, pony, safe, solo, sweater
Size: 1024x511 | Tagged: artist:chococolte, bald, bell, bell collar, bow, collar, earth pony, female, hair bow, mare, oc, pony, safe, solo
Size: 4000x4000 | Tagged: artist:miokomata, bald, blushing, cup, dock, featureless crotch, female, floppy ears, fluttershy, freckles, hoers, mare, open mouth, pegasus, pony, rear view, semi-anthro, simple background, sketch, suggestive, white background
Size: 1561x1238 | Tagged: artist:nootaz, bald, choker, clothes, color palette, cutie mark, ear piercing, earring, earth pony, female, jacket, jewelry, lip piercing, oc, oc:neon berry, piercing, pony, reference sheet, safe, shaved mane, shaved tail, simple background, solo, transparent background
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