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Here’s season 8’s butts.
Season 1: >>1893205, >>1893206, and >>1893208  
Season 2: >>1899502 and >>1899503  
Season 3: >>1906370 and >>1906372  
Season 4: >>1912838, >>1912839, and >>1912840  
Season 5: >>1919282, >>1919283, and >>1919284  
Season 6: >>1924051, >>1924052, and >>1924054  
Season 7: >>1928215, >>1928217, and >>1928218  
Season 8: >>1934253, >>1934254, >>1934255, and >>1934256  
Movie: >>1934483

safe2211648 edit176954 edited screencap93236 screencap298891 applejack203517 braeburn7030 flam2487 flim2596 fluttershy262781 pinkie pie259887 princess cadance40854 rainbow dash284358 rarity220698 rockhoof1371 spike93388 starlight glimmer61047 trixie80404 twilight sparkle363136 alicorn322911 earth pony521022 pegasus513681 pony1641848 unicorn556372 a rockhoof and a hard place887 friendship university844 g42066315 road to friendship1748 season 83315 sounds of silence3518 the end in friend1244 what lies beneath1885 yakity-sax857 alternate hairstyle39026 animated128526 applebutt7567 backwards ballcap1261 balloonbutt6759 baseball cap3081 braebutt134 bucking1164 butt238711 butt compilation30 butt focus1760 butt pushing74 butt shake2030 butt shot167 butt touch8443 cap6992 close-up9116 compilation724 disguise7468 eyepatch (disguise)114 female1845815 flutterbutt8608 gif50103 glimmer glutes2484 hat127927 hoof on butt1123 looking at butt1412 looking back89668 lovebutt2047 male565352 mane six38025 mare768273 plainity366 plot149013 pushing1130 rainbutt dash6791 rearity7610 rump push242 stallion202315 sunshine sunshine370 supercut70 the great and powerful ass1995 twibutt9469 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151645 yovidaphone218 zoom out98


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