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Now for my most time-consuming compilation yet. This one is all about butts. Shots that focus on butts, ponies touching their butts, ponies touching each others’ butts, ponies touching each other with their butts, ponies touching each others’ butts with their butts.
As always, this will be split into seasons, but I’ll post them as I complete them rather than post them all at once.
Season 1: >>1893205, >>1893206, and >>1893208  
Season 2: >>1899502 and >>1899503  
Season 3: >>1906370 and >>1906372  
Season 4: >>1912838, >>1912839, and >>1912840  
Season 5: >>1919282, >>1919283, and >>1919284  
Season 6: >>1924051, >>1924052, and >>1924054  
Season 7: >>1928215, >>1928217, and >>1928218  
Season 8: >>1934253, >>1934254, >>1934255, and >>1934256  
Movie: >>1934483

safe2208526 screencap298761 angel bunny11507 apple bloom60842 applejack203286 big macintosh34098 derpy hooves58172 doctor whooves11874 fluttershy262488 granny smith6196 hoity toity1130 pinkie pie259625 princess celestia114321 rainbow dash284044 rarity220445 rover1118 scootaloo59425 spike93308 sweetie belle57418 time turner11874 twilight sparkle362722 alicorn322118 diamond dog4118 dragon87705 earth pony519768 pegasus512221 pony1638917 rabbit9247 unicorn555001 a bird in the hoof914 a dog and pony show792 call of the cutie917 feeling pinkie keen1073 g42063532 over a barrel970 season 16093 sonic rainboom (episode)1313 stare master850 suited for success1108 the cutie mark chronicles1238 the show stoppers701 animated128331 applebutt7544 ass up3924 balloonbutt6747 blank flank10161 bloom butt1296 book44519 booty mark crusaders118 bubble butt1143 butt238057 butt bump926 butt compilation30 butt focus1713 butt shot165 butt smash115 butt touch8410 close-up9076 compilation724 cutie mark51408 cutie mark crusaders22689 dirty2420 faceful of ass2593 facesitting4383 female1842082 fetish fuel280 filly100484 flank2332 flutterbutt8573 gem10796 gif49981 hat127605 hoof on butt1122 horn210067 horn poke21 levitation16540 literal butthurt513 looking at butt1409 looking back89354 magic98559 mane six37990 mare765904 mud3578 now go on19 pain2841 personal space invasion1334 petrification1263 pillow26265 plot148634 poking726 prone36155 pushing1129 rainbutt dash6764 raised hoof72317 rearity7589 rump push242 scootabutt999 slap629 smiling410319 spanking3459 squee2139 stare1890 stomping928 sunbutt6157 supercut70 surprised13096 sweetie butt1297 taffy50 telekinesis39909 the stare386 timebutt3 train3533 twibutt9446 umbrella hat213 unicorn twilight35272 wide eyes20071 you know for kids714 younger23386 zoom in92 zoomed in292


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