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Background Pony #70EF
@Background Pony #4161
Except, as far as the WRITERS and CREATORS are concerned, they would act this way.

Who cares what some random fan thinks they would act like. It's not their show.
Background Pony #5FB6
This is not a matter of doing things realistically, but doing things coherentely. Applejack and Rainbow Dash wouldn't NEVER act like they did in Non-Compete Clause at this point of the Series, and in Marks For Effort Twilight pratically pulled the same thing the pillars of Equestria did to Stygian by casting out the CMCs from the School without even letting them explain. You see what I mean? This is why I'm having a problem with the Handling of the Mane 6 in this season, hopefully things Will improve in the Second half…

@Background Pony #4161
What happened?, The series feels more fantastic season 1-4, but from season 5 until now feels more real. Things changed, but The Mane Six did not change, they are still defined characters, and for that reason we will have more episodes like this; until they change.
Background Pony #5FB6
The peak of the episode For me.

The Mean 6 were hilarious and all, but this is the moment I loved the most from this episode. I want to be very honest with you guys: Even thought I loved the S8 so far, I'm not liking How it's Handling the Mane 6: Pinkie was way to exagerrated with her reaction in The Maud Couple, I liked Fake it til you Make it but I prefer Fluttershy's other ways to be assertive (see her S6 and S7 eps) and THE LESS WORD I SPEND ABOUT AJ AND RD'S PORTRAYALS IN NON-COMPETE CLAUSE THE BETTER IT IS. The only who has been constantly Great in this season is Twilight (and even there…. She still was brutally out of character in Marks For Effort…).

Many people might have come to hate them, but to me the Mane 6 mean a lot, and I really want to go on with MLP until the end (in About 37 eps) to see the end of their story, but I don't want to see them mistreated like the eps I mentioned above only to make secondary characters shine. This is why I really loved this particoular moment. To Others might be just silly bit to me… It means a lot.