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explicit475883 alternate version87733 artist:sugarlesspaints2068 applejack201734 fluttershy260204 pinkie pie257417 rainbow dash281839 rarity218770 spike92783 twilight sparkle359834 alicorn317326 dragon86360 earth pony510509 pegasus503080 pony1618137 unicorn544698 g42044601 anatomically correct36181 anus138942 balls110904 butt234003 clothes640779 eyes closed140283 female1818462 foalcon22184 frog (hoof)20299 garter belt12469 happy45026 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 lesbian118462 lingerie14157 looking at you262537 looking back87573 looking back at you30112 lying down47994 male555852 mane seven7910 mane six37726 mane six plots206 mane six vaginas202 mare751602 mlp fim's seventh anniversary378 multiple variants9305 nudity517244 on side9667 penis215439 plot145883 prone35629 rear view22801 ship:twijack1340 shipping256165 simple background604070 sketch83701 smiling402406 socks96618 spread legs30863 spreading32258 stockings49048 thigh highs60545 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150209 underhoof69596 vulva192676


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Background Pony #565E
I wish AJ could give me a kiss like she’s giving Twilight a kiss right now.