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explicit472165 alternate version86685 artist:sugarlesspaints2066 applejack200607 fluttershy258777 pinkie pie255980 rainbow dash280069 rarity217642 spike92438 twilight sparkle357983 alicorn314719 dragon85471 earth pony446800 pegasus497024 pony1603850 unicorn538509 g42030440 anatomically correct35755 anus137620 balls109792 butt231449 clothes635037 eyes closed139112 female1804121 foalcon22124 frog (hoof)20122 garter belt12333 happy44563 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 lesbian117749 lingerie14056 looking at you259595 looking back86623 looking back at you29584 lying down46851 male551259 mane seven7884 mane six37642 mane six plots202 mane six vaginas200 mare741879 mlp fim's seventh anniversary378 multiple variants9245 nudity513116 on side9561 penis213655 plot144227 prone35245 rear view22432 ship:twijack1338 shipping254323 simple background596950 sketch82836 smiling397831 socks95635 spread legs30462 spreading31777 stockings48573 thigh highs59692 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149505 underhoof69010 vulva190578


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Background Pony #565E
I wish AJ could give me a kiss like she’s giving Twilight a kiss right now.