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safe1751628 artist:uotapo959 applejack173374 fluttershy217345 pinkie pie220301 rainbow dash238711 rarity185667 sci-twi25348 sunset shimmer64844 twilight sparkle306304 pony1011568 equestria girls207337 bipedal36227 birthday2730 birthday cake933 cake10091 clothes476371 colored pupils10154 cute205811 dessert413 dress46099 duo64853 eyes closed98236 female1402871 flying39455 food73041 glasses64762 happy32204 happy birthday1286 looking at you175855 mane six32586 open mouth154641 plate1782 pronking1093 running6158 shimmerbetes4484 sleeveless4980 smiling261378 spread wings57144 twiabetes12274 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126236 twolight1215 uotapo is trying to murder us181


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Young Leosword

Happy Unbirthday to everyone else. (I actually haven’t watched Alice in Wonderland the whole way through, and if I had, I wouldn’t remember because I think I was 5. XD )