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safe1726321 artist:uotapo952 applejack171478 fluttershy214803 pinkie pie218123 rainbow dash236121 rarity183574 sci-twi24630 sunset shimmer63827 twilight sparkle303014 pony986586 equestria girls203089 bipedal35326 birthday2672 birthday cake898 cake9935 clothes466917 colored pupils9921 cute202793 dessert407 dress45224 duo62801 eyes closed95542 female1380685 flying38744 food71447 glasses63053 happy31689 happy birthday1262 looking at you171985 mane six32229 open mouth149771 plate1741 pronking1087 running6052 shimmerbetes4438 sleeveless4584 smiling254131 spread wings55687 twiabetes12113 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124860 twolight1178 uotapo is trying to murder us180


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Young Leosword
Happy Unbirthday to everyone else. (I actually haven't watched Alice in Wonderland the whole way through, and if I had, I wouldn't remember because I think I was 5. XD )