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These are the ‘cannon’ ships for the auroraverse, I think. Some of the ships may be removed/switched over to my other next gen verse.
If you have ANY questions or comments on this, please ask!
safe1975247 artist:saphi-boo185 applejack188053 big macintosh31336 fluttershy238594 gilda10629 pinkie pie238900 rainbow dash259789 rarity203431 soarin'15167 trixie74794 twilight sparkle333387 griffon32941 pony1327580 unicorn448171 bedroom eyes72728 bluejaywolf18 is trying to murder us1 bust67318 cheek fluff7887 chest fluff53590 crack shipping4011 curved horn9091 cute236907 dashabetes10997 diapinkes11577 diatrixes3600 ear fluff41832 eyes closed121094 female1606756 floppy ears64677 fluffy16937 gildadorable403 gildashy128 horn117843 jackabetes7235 kissing28963 lesbian108704 licking24443 lidded eyes39192 looking at each other27688 macabetes586 male461142 mane six35364 mare620111 neck nuzzle234 nuzzling4582 one eye closed40009 portrait37352 raribetes6399 rarimac513 scrunchy face7850 shipping230205 shyabetes17028 signature35215 simple background503572 smiling332342 soarinbetes236 soarinjack230 straight159929 tongue out128997 transparent background248653 trixiepie90 twiabetes13882 twidash5629 wide eyes18857


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Background Pony #4C81
Trixie is actually melting due to the intense heat from Pinkie’s tongue.
Background Pony #B81F
Yes, YES, YES!!!! MORE RARIMAC   @Background Pony #83E8  
To be honest, she DID act like a fussy girlfriend towards him in “Filli Vanilli”.
Background Pony #569F
I honestly think RariMac would be a great ship, despite how she’s the least paired of the Mane 6 with Big Mac (Applejack gets paired more with Big Mac, and she’s his sister!). It actually feels counterintuitive as a relationship, and yet that’s why it feels so right.
Also, fluffy ponies are best ponies

YES! All these ships are great! Well… at least for me. Then again I like a lot of ships so it isn’t hard to get on my good ship side.