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safe1970924 artist:pencils1375 cloudy quartz1577 maud pie13932 princess celestia105065 princess luna109234 oc836245 oc:anon13048 alicorn274282 earth pony361124 human202692 pony1322596 comic:anon's pie adventure500 adoraquartz59 adventure in the comments1310 anon ride9 blushing238529 bracer501 clothes558952 comic123838 crown24935 cute236089 cutelestia3984 derail in the comments333 dock61916 dress53701 eyeshadow22592 female1602559 glasses77366 hair bun4316 holding a pony3783 horseshoes2591 human male7623 jewelry91204 lunabetes3973 makeup30951 male459579 mare617953 maudabetes523 moonbutt4282 necklace25871 necktie9109 nose wrinkle3540 pants18956 praise the moon623 praise the sun2236 regalia29797 royal sisters5610 shirt32402 smiling330993 sunbutt5078 user meltdown in the comments47 varying degrees of want942 when she smiles1228


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