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safe1975052 artist:pencils1384 cloudy quartz1582 maud pie13955 princess celestia105217 princess luna109373 oc838437 oc:anon13071 alicorn275108 earth pony363004 human204382 pony1327393 comic:anon's pie adventure500 adoraquartz59 adventure in the comments1315 anon ride9 blushing239324 bracer503 clothes560708 comic124083 crown25070 cute236869 cutelestia3995 derail in the comments334 dock62169 dress53969 eyeshadow22726 female1606550 glasses77621 hair bun4346 holding a pony3799 horseshoes2598 human male7660 jewelry91610 lunabetes3984 makeup31129 male461047 mare620015 maudabetes524 moonbutt4298 necklace25954 necktie9144 nose wrinkle3540 pants19064 praise the moon624 praise the sun2237 regalia29952 royal sisters5630 shirt32603 smiling332294 sunbutt5089 user meltdown in the comments47 varying degrees of want945 when she smiles1229


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