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Background Pony #DB6A
What if Ponies of all generations arrived on earth?
Been thinking of including Them’s Fightin Herds and Midnight Mares.  
Probably could end up being another AU, similar to my Ponies on Earth AU, but different.  
What do you think of that idea?
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The Lost Sisters
@Background Pony #DB6A  
When Starlight and Spike find a mysterious book in Twilight’s library, they accidentally open it. What happens next startles creatures from around Equestria and the neighboring kingdoms, even going as far as Tartarus
Guess what had happened
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reformation is the best
again about the chrystals in my AU
here are some things about them  
-they were regular chrystals later infused with magic  
-they are used with technology to make vehicles and other technologies work with the use of electricity and magic  
-they are recharged by magic every 10 years by a witch, as in the first crystal found is recharged thus every other Chrystal is recharged
(though maybe there is a backup just in case made by regular tech like on tv’s or phones just similar to what manehattan has in their Mainstreet with those big billboards that are actually screens)
-they can come in different colours depending on the type of job it is used for
but here is my question how should this crystal be found?
-should the witches have it all along and they first found the crystal when looking for gems?  
  • should it come from space like in pokemon? (I heard about that from a video where there was a crystal from space used as a sundial i think)  
    -should it come from the new land the creatures plan to settle on?  
    -should it just be made out of glass?  
    -can it come from some weird accident?
    idk what do you think I should do?
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#115 Wassup Voltage!
Welp was in the middle of writing Twilight’s chapter but Pri decided to upload the design I went with for Fluttershy XD
So I guess I have incentive to write Fluttershy’s chapter right after I finish Twi’s.
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