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reformation is the best
Some are ponies, some are vampire ponies (who due to certain factors can eat anything not just blood) some turn into wolfs, some are based on the creature from the black lagoon but more gator then fish while two don't need to eat which are mummies and ghost but can have the option via magic that turns food to energy it's complicated but I will get more in depth someday
Artist -

reformation is the best
Ya I mean changelings seem to eat bugs and bugs are meat so I think is fine

Is just the meat my creatures eat are things like deer or wild birds but they have wild sheep, goats and cows (the extinct species of cow) but also fish just any food we eat

But the wolf ones in the wolf firms have to be careful they can't have chocolate only as ponies they can

Tagger of the Unknown
Here's an a fanfic prompt for a short story I've been thinking of for awhile. (note: this is NOT necessarily a Sparity shipfic. It can be as a shipfic or not but that's up to you):

Twilight asks Rarity to tell Spike to give up crushing on Rarity. Twilight tells her, that Spike shouldn't try to go for an impossible dream.

But Rarity disagreed vehemently for she thinks it might just be a childish crush, but it represents what all people strive for: dreams.

Rarity would understand what it's like to have a crush on someone mostly unattainable (for Rarity, Blueblood). But it gave Rarity a goal in life, a dream, that a formerly working class pony can strive for. Even if she was rejected by Blueblood, she doesn't regret go after him.

And for Spike, it's the same thing. It can lead to Spike having new skills, having Rarity teach him how to be a gentleman and having a friend that likes to play Ogres and Oubliettes with him.

And Rarity tops it off with saying how it's always possible for Spike to grow up, and to win the heart of Rarity. Rarity doubts it would happen but that's up to Spike's fate and destiny and no one has the right to artifically force Spike to give up his dream.

This kind of ties into my future character-driven reboot idea where Spike and Rarity would have a close friendship.

You might possibly think about addressing the issue of Rarity using Spike for favors all the time, so that it wouldn't look like she has an ulterior motive for having Spike continue to explore his crush.

And revisiting my Scootaloo idea from the bottom of page 137 (where she gets her hooves on some sort of assistive tech to fly and has to deal with ponies noticing that she's all disabled and stuff): I wonder if might be more fun to turn it into a cross between "Fame and Misfortune" and the South Park episode "Conjoined Fetus Lady". Have her flying around in her new glider-or-whatever, when background ponies start noticing her. Have a herd of background ponies crowd around her and be like "Yay, an inspirationally disadvantaged child! Say something inspirational! ", and have Scootaloo be like "Back off losers, I just want to do cool stuff with my life without having 'in spite of such-and-such disability' tacked on to it!".

Tagger of the Unknown
You might possibly think about addressing the issue of Rarity using Spike for favors all the time, so that it wouldn't look like she has an ulterior motive for having Spike continue to explore his crush.

That's a good idea. In my headcanon, in Rarity's eyes, she sees these favors and spending time with him as a way to teach Spike about hard work, art, culture and etiquette. She's unaware of how overworked he is. In fact in Rarity's eyes, she thinks she's going easy on Spike because Rarity when she was a filly had to do 10x the amount of work that Spike had to do in order to achieve her dreams. For Rarity, whose family used to be relatively poor before she her fashion boutique started to profit, she believes she's actually respecting Spike by making him do a lesser version of the work she had to do when she was his age.

But she's also a personal friend of Spike who actually sees Spike's comic books and video games as having a certain artistic merit and she likes talk to him about them especially the art design and characters. And Spike in turn learns about Rarity's favorite romance novels and shojo manga, that Spike is surprised he actually likes.

Though she can still be rather hard and judgemental on him to the point of stressing him out. She makes him do pretty hard tasks and even when talking about video games, she often tries to force him to play games she thinks have "artistic merit" even if Spike isn't interested in them and she even can get into Spike's personal life sometimes. Well that's where character development comes into play.

Basically Rarity is well intentioned but unaware. She's not the most emotionally empathatic and sensitive mare unlike AJ or Fluttershy.

#064 Burning
I guess I kinda need a pre-reader( or more). ;

Got round to writing the first chapter.
This fic in particular will be an introduction to the setting for hopefully a collection of stories based on this fanfic universe.

Story will be called Dream-Mix:Predawn

Teen rating due to fantasy violence.
Crossover between the MLP: FIM universe (includes IDW comics and Equestria Girls) and several game series. There will be appearances of characters themselves and worlds or just powers/concepts. Also Includes Ocs and a universe composed of various amounts of these themes.

Current story contains
Characters from — Yu-gi-oh, World Ends With You.
Powers/Concepts: Final Fantasy ,Megaman Legends, Kingdom Hearts.


Tagger of the Unknown
fanfic draft

Rarity, Twilight and Spike go to the game store.

Twilight: Let's buy Spike this game: Lego Star Wars.
Rarity: You will do no such thing, Spike is a growing boy he can make his own choices. Let me ask you Spike, what would you rather us get you Shadow of the Colossus, a beautiful heartwrenching game, or pffft this toy game?
Spike: Easy, Lego Star Wars!
Rarity faints.

I literally thought of this while watching Schaffarilas on Lego Star Wars a few minutes ago. This is a bit rushed I know but I can't just keep this in my head.

I'll hopefully edit this to make it better.

Tagger of the Unknown
In my PG retelling of FIM, I want to make the world a bit darker. There would also be some politics, including alliances between countries. There would also be a lot of mystery like maybe did a king secretly support an assassination attempt?

I think I would like, I'll call my reboot to make it easier to say Equestria Chronicles, to have a bit of a 19th century atmosphere. Not strictly so, but more in terms of things like nationalism and revolutions. It would be like a Western version of The Last Airbender.

I want to have a lot of mysteries.

Edit: To specify, by 19th century, I mean this world's would be very different to modern society. Feudalism would exist in some just like Spain in the 1800s. Nationalist revolutions to unite pegasi of different kingdoms into one pegasus kingdom just like Italy during the risorgimento. There would also be cults like in Past Sins. Ponies seeking to unite all of Equestria's states under one government.

Anyone here into crossovers? I've had a few ideas for crossing G4 ponies into previous generations:

-Tempest in "My Little Pony 'n' Friends", playing the role of "gritty antihero" and committing too-hot-for-TV acts of violence against their rogues' gallery, with natives (both the ponies and the human kids) unsure of whether to be grateful or horrified. Nice bit of dark comedy there. "Smells like hot dogs!"

-Starlight and Trixie in "My Little Pony Tales", comically trying to blend in with the locals while they find a way back home (starting with them frantically trying to hide their horns). Have Trixie put on her magic show to earn local money, and maybe have her tempted to stay permanently when she has a way easier time impressing ponies in a world where real magic isn't a thing.

-Rainbow Dash in G3, desperately trying to maintain her sanity amidst the raw diabetes fuel and ponies with personalities between "lobotomy patient" and "Styrofoam".

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