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G5 My little Pony Movie SPOILERS

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Hi! You eventually knew this was coming, a brutally honest review of the new movie and may I say I’m going to have fun talking about this! because I dunno why new generations have to insult the older generation like what they did with ReBoot show, for example they called the old fan base a old middle aged man living in the basement of their moms house with a collection of the show like figures, posters etc. Ok enough ranting here’s the review Oh major spoilers ahead
  • In the beginning they did rarity dirty and where’s spike?
  • why dose the story start out with all the ponies are no longer living in harmony are they saying the Mane 6 failed!(unless chrysalis and her gang are back)
  • So because all ponies don’t have magical powers so dose everyone else?
  • Where are all the other magical creatures! Did they just make this a pony world?!
  • Cell phones really!
I could go on! But I won’t, now I’ll let you decide, is it good it’s 3D yes but do we honestly want that to be the only highlight of the movie? no! because they shouldn’t make a movie about a universe where the Mane 6 failed and now the new generation will succeed, that’s just wrong 😑 Don’t dunk on a generation just to make it sound like yours better if it can’t deliver and let me tell you this movie did not deliver 🙄
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If I may, I shall respond to each point in turn.
  1. I am fairly certain that it is not intending to ‘do Rarity dirty’, but it is a transition from the viewpoint Sunny has of these characters to the more prevailing viewpoint of the Earth Ponies as a whole. It’s meant to be a whiplash.
  2. You cannot say ‘the Mane 6 failed’ without specifying what they did wrong. We do not know yet how they lost magic, or how the tribes lost harmony, and that is not within the scope of the movie to tell. The movie is in essence a pilot for the series that is coming next year, and we will likely get more information about it there. One cannot jump to conclusions based on lack of evidence when it is pretty clear they intend to give answers down the line.
  3. This story is about the ponies because it would have been far too complicated to reunite every species in the span of an hour and a half. As stated in the previous point, they will likely cover this in the series.
  4. Yes. Smart devices are a common element of every day life in our world, and given that a very substantial amount of time has passed (given that they refer to G4 as Ancient Equestria) it makes sense for at least one of the races to develop advanced technology of some sort. This isn’t them chasing a fad, this is them representing an element that is ingrained in our youth, in a way that honestly feels natural.
I do not get the impression that the movie is ‘dunking on’ the previous generation, but rather is honoring it by showing how the legends of it can be used as an inspiration to bring the world back together. Once again, I reiterate that until we have more information, it is far too early to say that the previous generation of heroes are ‘failures’.
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Offtopic but i almost forgot u become a cutie mark crusader 😂 i still gotta read that story all the way through but anyways back to the g5 movie at hand
  1. That rarity bit was funny and was meant to drive home the prejudice of their society.
  2. Twilight and her friends are stated to be ancient history so they didn’t fail its just that things change over time.
  3. I wanted to see other species too it seems like ponies are the only ones left with human intelligence, i like to think well get more on that whenever the series comes out. But for now the community can write stories, headcanon and make great fanart of some that could possibly be around..
  4. Discord u literally used a cellphone in discordant harmony, they also had them in equestria girls and there is a portal from eq girls to pony eq. I know your upset they bit your style but they at least made a app about u in canon plus g4 already had trains.
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I love how sunny tuned into an Ali orb and equestria return all the magic to pony and earth pony unicorn and Pegasus became friends that the ending of the movie
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