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Honorary Cutie Mark Crusader Discord

Hi! You eventually knew this was coming, a brutally honest review of the new movie and may I say I’m going to have fun talking about this! because I dunno why new generations have to insult the older generation like what they did with ReBoot show, for example they called the old fan base a old middle aged man living in the basement of their moms house with a collection of the show like figures, posters etc. Ok enough ranting here’s the review Oh major spoilers ahead

- In the beginning they did rarity dirty and where’s spike?
- why dose the story start out with all the ponies are no longer living in harmony are they saying the Mane 6 failed!(unless chrysalis and her gang are back)
- So because all ponies don’t have magical powers so dose everyone else?
- Where are all the other magical creatures! Did they just make this a pony world?!
- Cell phones really!

I could go on! But I won’t, now I’ll let you decide, is it good it’s 3D yes but do we honestly want that to be the only highlight of the movie? no! because they shouldn’t make a movie about a universe where the Mane 6 failed and now the new generation will succeed, that’s just wrong 😑 Don’t dunk on a generation just to make it sound like yours better if it can’t deliver and let me tell you this movie did not deliver 🙄
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