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Trouble with the Trolley
I picked up another Ys game on Steam: Memories of Celceta. I’ve spent about an hour on it, but unfortunately, most of that has been spent fucking around in the options menu, since I can’t seem to format my switch gamepad to work properly with it. And I don’t know if the problem is with Steam, my controller, or the game itself- I know that trying to configure a gamepad while Steam is running fucks with the configuration, but I don’t know if I can launch the game without launching steam at the same time.  
I mean in the worst case scenario I can just use the keyboard, but it’s still kind of shitty that steam itself is interfering with my ability to alter settings in one of its own games.
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I aim to misbehave
I just learned that we have Disney to thank for Kyatto Ninden Teyandee/Samurai Pizza Cats not being included in the Tatsunoko vs Capcom games.
Disney held the lisence at the time due to their purchase of the Fox Kids line (formerly Saban and Fox Cartoons merged) and sat on the rights, refusing them (and a few other Saban/Tatsu shows) being in the game.
Which is stupid because they probably could have gotten a decent paycheck for a license they weren’t even using.
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Have a day
Apparently Dragon’s Dogma doesn’t let you use two-handed weapons until the second city, according to my brother who beat the game. Why do people like this game?

I haven’t played as many Kirby games as I wanted, but I have really good memories of Kirby 64, even though I didn’t beat the game
Same here, nice memories from that game! To mix two enemy abilities and to create new ones was super fun. :)  
Personally, I love games that are very different from others. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for the Wii U is a good example. It was a short game, but fun and with an amazing soundtrack.
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