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Isn’t Doki Doki Literature Club reliant on a PC medium? Like one of the biggest twists of the game is that the player themselves has to datamine the game’s code? That doesn’t work on consoles.
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Ooooff, that’s another one of my favourites.
I’ll say that Bloodborne has a better soundtrack than Dark Souls. And the art design has a grotesque tone that fits with the themes of Bloodborne even more than Dark Souls. The gameplay mechanics are easier than in Dark Souls, although it has some tricks, like how the guns work. And in terms of narrative, Bloodborne is more unpredictable than Dark Souls.
My logical sense says “Bloodborne is better”. But my heart says “Dark Souls is my favourite”.
I think it’s one of these “you love more mom or dad” scenarios. I don’t think a definitive answer is necessary, as long as you love them.
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Is the whole point of RPGs that you start out as a wimp, and gradually get stronger?
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