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one i get me new comp up and running, im going to pick up a bunch of games on steam that i wanted to get but coulnt use as i dintt meet the sepcs.
som of which are semi old single plays (Assasin Creed France and London, Witcher 3)
but was also hinking f grabbing some newer multiplars.
any suggstions?
was thinking of getting sea of thives as i liked a simlar game before they put Wallet locks all over it.
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What’s the entire order of Big Smoke in GTA SA? I remember a number 9, but past that I’m lost.
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Assassins’ Creed: Cyberspace!
i personally would love to see a game set in Medieval England with the War of Roses or such. Horseback melee combat!
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I am the only one who rarely used the special ammunition of Fallout New Vegas?  
I remember never using the slugs or armor-piercing bullets…
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