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Prince of Skrees
Welp, the Kingdom Hearts series is finally coming to PC.  
And it’s Epic Exclusive.  
And look at those prices.  
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Even if we’re talking Final Ultimate GOTY Numbah Won Git Gud, Get LMAObox editions, 1 and 2 are still like 20yo old games. They should not be full price.
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So I finally got around to playing AVGN Adventures Deluxe, and it’s still as great as ever though there are some changes that have been made so here are some of my thoughts  
(SPOILERS for anyone who cares)
The graphics have been updated so they look een more detailed then before.  
In Happy Fun Candy Time instead of that random Unicorn as the boss, it’s actually tue Bloodstain Bears from James’ Berestain Bears review which is so much funnier.  
The Nerd also reacts to the fact that it’s a remake kind of like what Conker Live and Reloaded did.  
They took Doug Walker out of the game and replaced him with Fred Fucks whos now portrayed by Gilbert Gottfried from his Life of Black Tiger review.  
During all the Nerd Gaiden stages you can see Godzilla fighting different monsters in the background.  
The final boss is now a giant computer which resembles the Flowey boss on the neutral run of Undertale.  
They added a new level in the game which takes you to a castle where you run into the Truck from Big Rigs, climb stairs like in Castlevania, and fight against Bugs Bunny in one epic showdown.
The guest stars are no longer around like Egoraptor, Pat the NES Punk, Andre the Black Nerd est.  
They changed certain enemy designs like EeeTee as well bosses like Dark Onward who is now Darth Vader and the final boss Death Mwauthzyx both from the AVGN movie.  
Nerd doesn’t have his little jabs everytime you die.  
You can’t put in cheat codes anymore.
Despite the flaws this is still a really fun game and great if you are a fan of AVGN since there are all sorts of references to his shows.
Background Pony #6D46
Why does it feel like the majority of gamers either don’t know about gaming companies’ terrible practices, or don’t care?
Penguin Dragneel
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Follow Your Heart
Well, I’m at the point in Crash 4 where the N.Verted levels have been unlocked.
Oh, look, 6 broken fingers. I’m totally not worried about this.
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