Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Trump being impeached a 2nd time means he can't run for office in 2024, I believe.
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Worst president of modern times? Yeah, i would say so.

of all time? Considering Andrew Jackson used to own slaves and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Native Americans, i'd say he still holds the title.
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>"criminal president"

I think you're seriously exaggerating, there. As bad as Trump is, so long as he leaves on the 20th, I don't see any real reason or need for a second impeachment, or to paint him as a "criminal-in-chief".
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Those poorer people can’t put a couple hundred grand towards buying a house. If there’s no landlords to rent houses from, where are they going to live?

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Imagine how many movies, books, tv shows, documentaries, and possibly even games (both of the Video and Board variety) will be made about this past week alone in the future.

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So Mitch will no longer be able to block bills once Dems control Senate yes?

Is there any back door methods he could still utilize to tamper with that?

A shitload of Redditors all seem to be acting as if nothing will change once Dems take Senate which made me go “WTF”.
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