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I forgot about the CritCrab horror story about a group “kicking out” the bigot (who was only like that on Facebook, something the DM himself never used and was only shown screenshots and told about it) by bulling him in the game. He was in his mid-30’s, and the youngest one at the table. He did a damage control follow-up claiming that somehow, having a civil conversation would have caused a fight, but not him being made so uncomfortable while playing D&D that he up and left after the DM forcefully changed his sex (somehow drinking too much at the table was a solid excuse to having all magic items having a chance to forcefully change a character’s sex) only caused him to leave in a huff.
Glad the comments even from people who claim to be gay say that the DM and group weren’t any better with how that was handled, one even saying that they are the reason that the LGBT community is seen as a bunch of special snowflakes at the time of their post.
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