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Ideas that You Just Can't Get Out of Your Head

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7-Layer Dip of Pain
In an mmorpg where your class and class advancements are randomized, you have a less than 1% chance to get a class called “Demon”. When you get it, NPCs always have this base level of distrust about you, at least while you’re at low level. As you rise in rank and your bad luck becomes more apparent, you may need disguises to even enter a major town. Discounts won’t apply, holy magic hurts you disproportionately, and while most every other class ranks up, alters stats, and revives in a church, you are exempt from even entering such a building.
Instead, you’re given the ability to make an equivalent structure, a Profane Shrine. Giving off cursed energy, it will give you all the benefits of a church, but are fragile, and will attract monsters, though none more powerful than you at time of creation. Monsters will bring adventurers, and they will almost certainly get quests to destroy your sanctuaries.
Other benefits include gaining access to normally cursed gear and locations, enemy specific spells or skills, and some classes of monster will see you as one of their own. Devil-races can even be trusted to leap to your defense if you’re attacked near them.
Though not impossible to have allies as such a class, your win conditions will tend to be opposed to most other classes.
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Season 1 episode 1 Twilight in Shrek’s position and with his lines in this scene of the Fairy Tale creatures getting into Shrek’s property. (minus the “broad” comment and less crude overall)
“I live in a tree, I put up signs, I’m a boring know-it-all egghead! What do I need to do to get a little privacy in this hick village!?”
“What are you doing in my treehouse?!”
Honestly I would like to see an alternate version of the pilot with Twilight sort of like Shrek albeit more polite and less gross.
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

Drawing Dorothea Arnault, blowing a kiss to the viewer a kiss with magic sparkles.
Including her alternate outfits:  
  • Academy outfit  
  • War outfit  
  • Dancer outfit  
  • Swimsuit  
  • Twilit Harmony outfit

Princess Celestia
Moderately chubby/fat principal celestia and various scenarios (like giving a speech at a school assembly or sitting in a classroom) where her pants are part of the way down, like a plumber. Literally nobody I know on derpi does this kinda stuff and I really want someone to pick this up. If anyone is interested in doing this, dm me my discord is Celma#8992
The Equestrian Zodiac
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(Xenoblade Chronicles 2 x Azur Lane) Electra being dragged off to a ship hanger by a few Bullins, who happen to mistake her for a Bullin, much to Electra’s chagrin.
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

Taiga from Toradora came across a familiar black cat, starting to pet the cat and suddenly, it talked almost to where it had the same tonation of her. Frozen by unsettling fear and surprise, the cat then said, “Uh…I mean…MEOW??” and scream in peril.
Background Pony #7880
A weight gain sequence where Discord feeds an anthro Fluttershy, causing her to become insanely, immensely and cosmically fat.

Alpha male of Insanity
Here is an idea: What about a comic where a brony, his mother, his father, his older brother and his younger sister who all just found out that he is a brony and do not really support his beliefs, when suddenly, the whole family is magically transported to Equestria and all get turned into ponies?
While the brony and his younger sister both seem to be overjoyed to be in Equestria and turned into ponies, the rest of the family are completely confused and are struggling to adapt to their new environment and their new bodies. The family will also of course meet Twilight and her friends.
Basically, since I don’t think my family know that I am a brony, I want to see what might happen if they did find out about me being a brony. Sort of a What If? scenario if anyone thinks about it.
Also, I have a Twitter account called Alpha Insanity if anyone might be interested at looking at, I have pretty much tweeted all sorts of crazy crap there if any of you are curious.
Background Pony #3D36
I have an idea that I can’t get out of my head that I hope someone creates
Queen Starlight
Normal appearance, but with wings(base is same color as her coat, middle is violet, and tips are lapis-blue)
Also has a silver crown with several beautiful medium-blue magic strengthening emeralds, and a large silver staff with a larger emerald on the top.

Alpha male of Insanity
It just turned Saint George’s Day which kinda makes me think that all the dragons like Spike, Ember, Smolder and Garble really hate and fear that holiday.
Because you know, Saint George killed a dragon.
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