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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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In an mmorpg where your class and class advancements are randomized, you have a less than 1% chance to get a class called "Demon". When you get it, NPCs always have this base level of distrust about you, at least while you're at low level. As you rise in rank and your bad luck becomes more apparent, you may need disguises to even enter a major town. Discounts won't apply, holy magic hurts you disproportionately, and while most every other class ranks up, alters stats, and revives in a church, you are exempt from even entering such a building.

Instead, you're given the ability to make an equivalent structure, a Profane Shrine. Giving off cursed energy, it will give you all the benefits of a church, but are fragile, and will attract monsters, though none more powerful than you at time of creation. Monsters will bring adventurers, and they will almost certainly get quests to destroy your sanctuaries.

Other benefits include gaining access to normally cursed gear and locations, enemy specific spells or skills, and some classes of monster will see you as one of their own. Devil-races can even be trusted to leap to your defense if you're attacked near them.

Though not impossible to have allies as such a class, your win conditions will tend to be opposed to most other classes.
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Tagger of the Unknown
Season 1 episode 1 Twilight in Shrek's position and with his lines in this scene of the Fairy Tale creatures getting into Shrek's property. (minus the "broad" comment and less crude overall)

"I live in a tree, I put up signs, I'm a boring know-it-all egghead! What do I need to do to get a little privacy in this hick village!?"

"What are you doing in my treehouse?!"

Honestly I would like to see an alternate version of the pilot with Twilight sort of like Shrek albeit more polite and less gross.
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