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safe2155174 artist:alexmakovsky91 amethyst star2956 angel bunny11267 apple bloom59613 applejack198843 big macintosh33312 bon bon18702 boulder (g4)1476 carrot cake2478 chancellor puddinghead419 cheerilee11178 clover the clever439 commander hurricane480 cotton cloudy519 cup cake4894 derpy hooves57074 diamond tiara11745 discord37299 dj pon-332968 fancypants2387 fleur-de-lis4515 fluttershy256174 gilda11241 granny smith6074 gummy5644 hoity toity1110 lyra heartstrings33901 maud pie14845 mayor mare3802 misty fly688 nightmare moon20226 owlowiscious2206 philomena1200 photo finish2983 pinkie pie253712 princess cadance39547 princess celestia111862 princess luna116303 princess platinum721 private pansy331 rainbow dash277443 rarity215908 rocky398 roseluck6109 ruby pinch1439 scootaloo58449 screwball1608 sea swirl1906 seabreeze578 seafoam1906 silver spoon7481 smart cookie306 smarty pants1567 soarin'17401 sparkler2952 spike91864 spitfire15602 starlight glimmer59370 sunset shimmer78439 sweetie belle56363 sweetie drops18702 tank3097 tom921 trixie78978 twilight sparkle354831 vinyl scratch32968 winona2791 zecora11054 alicorn310274 breezie2820 cockatrice602 earth pony438204 griffon36328 hummingbird195 hydra558 parasprite2253 pegasus488294 phoenix2052 pony1583132 spider2373 unicorn529194 zebra23545 derpibooru7968 g42007808 the cutie map4361 absurd resolution67087 adorabon870 adorabullies125 adorasmith108 angelbetes214 apple tree4240 awwmethyst star77 background pony12226 balloon12935 book42996 butt226969 canterlot7099 canterlot castle2926 carrotbetes25 catapult117 cheeribetes497 classroom2169 clock2545 clothes625939 computer8094 cute263257 cute cake68 cutedance1591 cutefire318 cutie mark crusaders22219 desk4561 detailed1145 diabreezies91 diamondbetes598 discord balloon26 discute1237 dress61030 equal cutie mark1758 eyes closed137145 female1781947 filly96266 fleurabetes120 floppy ears71955 flower38735 friendship express645 gala dress5383 gildadorable444 glasses87323 glowing eyes15156 golden oaks library6568 gummybetes77 hat122740 hearth's warming statue1 laptop computer3238 lyrabetes1750 macabetes628 mane seven7824 mane six37338 mannequin1485 mare728741 maudabetes559 moonabetes352 mouse hole66 mouth hold23512 multiple heads2024 party hat3546 photaww finish33 pinchybetes116 plot141167 raised hoof68522 rosabetes321 royal guard10793 s5 starlight2609 satchel649 school2356 sewing678 sewing machine708 silverbetes354 sitting90798 sleeping29082 smiling390235 soarinbetes309 spread wings92070 stage4238 statue3193 sunglasses20804 tankabetes49 teacher1225 train3399 tree48329 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148092 vinylbetes823 wall of tags6424 winonabetes123 wonderbolts4403 zecorable289


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DarkMech is Best Mech
“All right class, settle down and I can introduce the mysterious new transfer student that will be the source of 90% of your sexual tension during your Junior year.”

I’ve never seen so many desktop ponies on one page before. You can’t see a dang thing with them partying like this. It’s like a desktop ponycon.
Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

A waste of biomatter
I think there’s been a recent increase in art involving as many ponies as possible just so all these pony spites can dance around the screen.

Princess Celestia: “My name is Princess Celestia. I will be teaching all of you the subject of Star-Swirlology. Beside me is Sunset Shimmer, your new classmate.”