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Picture by itself >>104598
safe (1425695)artist:sketchyjackie (120)applejack (147440)rainbow dash (203419)earth pony (147436)pegasus (187113)pony (691232)appledash (4867)ashleigh ball (300)bracelet (6658)clothes (354662)dress (34910)eyes closed (67752)female (757585)gay pride (165)heart (37764)holding hooves (1187)instagram (273)kissing (20002)lesbian (81642)mare (333862)pride (794)shipping (164039)shipping war in the comments (66)smiling (182600)text (40405)windows (681)windows 7 (169)


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Op drama queen
They’re too competitive to be a couple, I mean they’d probably spend all their time in bed fighting over who gets to be on top, or which one is the ’girlfriend’.
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Comments471 comments posted