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safe2199886 artist:atryl2294 oc961049 oc:tropical breeze32 earth pony515695 anthro365922 derpibooru8094 anthro oc37191 artifact1762 badge icon image11 bodysuit3814 breasts397975 brony history354 bust79455 clothes645694 cosplay33466 costume39732 crossover73716 derpibooru badge170 female1831716 freckles45275 hilarious in hindsight3850 looking at you265308 mare759833 meta18698 meta in context5 monochrome176622 my little face when5 neon genesis evangelion477 octavia with freckles2 plugsuit119 ponibooru legacy6 portrait42544 rei ayanami82 simple background610198 smiling406648 solo1447306 the end wasn't the end12 the last image ever posted on ponibooru11 white background166792


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Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Artist -

Needs to know Hebrew.
Poni Natives? I was on Ponibooru, and then Derpi right after.
I was even in the stream when Atryl was drawing this, I was in habit of attending his streams. But I don’t have a badge from the Poni migration. I guess it doesn’t help that I changed my screen name at the time.
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Pomegranates :P
I think it’s safe to say Derpibooru has exceeded expectations as a community for out lasting Ponibooru for over a decade. This site was around during the height of Ponibooru, but it was a small marginal site like many other Brony sites that have long disappeared.
Gotta admire the dedication of the staff of this site for sticking in for so long. Being one of the last bastions of the fandom.
Btw. Are there still any Derpi natives here?
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Goodbye guys ;)
Back when I first saw it a few years ago, I honestly thought it was Octavia :o until I read the tags further down :)
So I can see what you’re saying by the resemblance; it could be her possibly 😇
autocorrect made me fix this 🤦 but comment 100 whoo-hoo 🥳😊
Non-Fungible Trixie -

2014 user (I think, it doesn’t show my exact join date) but as awesome as having this badge would be I more regret the ones that I could have gotten but didn’t for whatever reason. Such as April Fool’s badges. I only got my first one this year.