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safe2088542 artist:atryl2093 oc901705 oc:tropical breeze27 earth pony410441 anthro339388 derpibooru7907 anthro oc35756 artifact1530 badge icon image10 bodysuit3325 breasts368982 brony history287 bust73492 clothes599534 cosplay32312 costume36925 crossover71190 derpibooru badge169 female1709383 freckles40286 hilarious in hindsight3747 looking at you239975 mare683829 meta18282 meta in context4 monochrome170108 my little face when4 neon genesis evangelion454 octavia with freckles1 plugsuit111 ponibooru legacy5 portrait39770 rei ayanami77 simple background557248 smiling366676 solo1359816 the end wasn't the end12 the last image ever posted on ponibooru10 white background147730


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His #1 fan forever💗
Back when I first saw it a few years ago, I honestly thought it was Octavia :o until I read the tags further down :)
So I can see what you’re saying by the resemblance; it could be her possibly 😇
autocorrect made me fix this 🤦 but comment 100 whoo-hoo 🥳😊
Non-Fungible Trixie -

2014 user (I think, it doesn’t show my exact join date) but as awesome as having this badge would be I more regret the ones that I could have gotten but didn’t for whatever reason. Such as April Fool’s badges. I only got my first one this year.
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