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safe2154928 artist:emberslament550 lemon hearts2584 lyra heartstrings33900 minuette6821 moondancer6016 princess celestia111854 smarty pants1567 spike91850 twilight sparkle354776 twinkleshine2683 alicorn310221 pony1582883 unicorn529084 g42007408 adorableshine72 alternate hairstyle37253 baby16395 baby spike755 book42986 bow43964 brush2654 canterlot library82 canterlot six74 crown29436 cute263296 cutelestia4257 dancerbetes465 female1781738 filly96257 filly lemon hearts23 filly lyra149 filly minuette65 filly moondancer63 filly twilight sparkle3422 filly twinkleshine22 hair bow25150 hairbrush658 heart74696 heart eyes29078 jewelry110794 lemonbetes80 lyrabetes1749 magic95566 minubetes338 momlestia1119 one eye closed45035 open mouth233228 regalia35749 sleeping29078 sparkly mane1137 spikabetes2651 tongue out144989 twiabetes15184 unicorn twilight32426 wingding eyes38840 younger22632


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luna's husbando
Lunar Supporter - Helped forge New Lunar Republic's freedom in the face of the Solar Empire's oppressive tyrannical regime (April Fools 2023).

Moondancer is basically me.
Always off doing my own thing. Stupid adults always asking passive-aggressive, leading “why don’t you social activity X?” questions. Considering the state of human society, I think I’m fully justified and vindicated in never wanting anything to do with it.
Pony society… I think I’d go try to talk to Moondancer and we could be contemptuous of society together, and maybe have a friendly debate on whether or not that’s an oxymoron.