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safe2173800 artist:emberslament561 lemon hearts2573 lyra heartstrings34097 minuette6859 moondancer6085 princess celestia112678 smarty pants1574 spike92380 twilight sparkle357655 twinkleshine2703 alicorn314024 pony1601976 unicorn537718 g42028503 adorableshine72 alternate hairstyle37904 baby16486 baby spike758 book43549 bow44653 brush2671 canterlot library91 canterlot six73 crown29902 cute265672 cutelestia4277 dancerbetes469 female1802135 filly97340 filly lemon hearts23 filly lyra152 filly minuette65 filly moondancer64 filly twilight sparkle3443 filly twinkleshine22 folded wings19935 glowing19120 glowing horn29127 hair bow25611 hairbrush667 heart76297 heart eyes29660 hoof heart2110 horn190208 jewelry112989 lemonbetes79 lyrabetes1763 magic96606 magic aura8998 minubetes342 momlestia1123 one eye closed45717 open mouth237422 regalia36410 sleeping29381 sparkly mane1257 spikabetes2659 tongue out147104 twiabetes15285 underhoof68932 unicorn twilight33191 wingding eyes40255 wings222851 younger22841


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luna's husbando
Lunar Supporter - Helped forge New Lunar Republic's freedom in the face of the Solar Empire's oppressive tyrannical regime (April Fools 2023).

Moondancer is basically me.
Always off doing my own thing. Stupid adults always asking passive-aggressive, leading “why don’t you social activity X?” questions. Considering the state of human society, I think I’m fully justified and vindicated in never wanting anything to do with it.
Pony society… I think I’d go try to talk to Moondancer and we could be contemptuous of society together, and maybe have a friendly debate on whether or not that’s an oxymoron.