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This is a redraw of this valentines card i bought this year! It was soooon cute I had to draw it.

safe2150944 artist:typhwosion666 applejack198566 fluttershy255702 pinkie pie253268 rainbow dash276899 rarity215575 spike91668 twilight sparkle354228 alicorn309373 dragon84011 earth pony436367 pegasus486461 pony1578779 unicorn527241 g42004228 applejack's hat14006 blushing268049 cowboy hat25125 cute262606 dashabetes12075 diapinkes12490 eyes closed136733 female1777338 freckles42810 group shot615 hat122392 heart74263 heart eyes28877 jackabetes7868 male541744 mane seven7818 mane six37275 mare726334 one eye closed44913 open mouth232299 race swap21182 raribetes6963 redraw3102 septet133 shyabetes18968 smiling388533 spikabetes2648 stetson5815 tongue out144537 twiabetes15167 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147813 wingding eyes38474 wink32473


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