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This is a redraw of this valentines card i bought this year! It was soooon cute I had to draw it.

safe2115660 artist:typhwosion650 applejack196026 fluttershy251825 pinkie pie249805 rainbow dash272647 rarity212742 spike90579 twilight sparkle349545 alicorn302268 dragon81103 earth pony422016 pegasus470401 pony1476550 unicorn511524 g41623827 applejack's hat13564 blushing261348 cowboy hat24439 cute256722 dashabetes11852 diapinkes12303 eyes closed133467 female1737361 freckles41400 group shot588 hat119275 heart71743 heart eyes27955 jackabetes7757 male528488 mane seven7697 mane six36792 mare701666 one eye closed43907 open mouth224735 race swap20419 raribetes6867 redraw3017 septet101 shyabetes18612 smiling375959 spikabetes2616 stetson5736 tongue out141278 twiabetes14937 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145914 wingding eyes37127 wink31890


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