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safe2175724 edit173127 edited screencap90527 editor:quoterific8695 screencap295864 aloe3129 apple bloom60066 applejack200617 big macintosh33621 coloratura3544 fluttershy258801 granny smith6110 pinkie pie255994 rainbow dash280089 rarity217664 spike92441 theodore donald "donny" kerabatsos103 twilight sparkle358023 alicorn314747 dragon85475 earth pony446857 pegasus497086 pony1604019 unicorn538576 applejack's "day" off643 bats!1900 castle mane-ia989 g42030500 leap of faith768 look before you sleep1115 over a barrel953 pinkie apple pie1108 season 15730 season 24895 season 44834 season 53748 secret of my excess958 sisterhooves social846 somepony to watch over me942 the cutie re-mark3541 the last roundup1330 where the apple lies581 angry36685 apple21244 apple tree4323 applejack's hat14476 balloonbutt6553 bipedal49566 bow44734 butt231453 cowboy hat25767 eyes closed139120 female1804295 filly97440 flutterbutt8265 golden oaks library7003 hair bow25663 hat124361 male551298 open mouth237846 party hat3601 plot144231 scared14279 shocked10127 teeth21987 tree49398 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149520 unicorn twilight33255


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