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I made it before the deadline!
Whew, this is a month old but I preferred to take it slow rather than burn out trying to rush it out! I think there are a lot of things that could’ve been done differently but ultimately I’m happy with the result!
As for the anniversary? Well, I was glad to see so many artists join in for it, and so many people still celebrating it. I know I’m sticking around for the time being and I’m grateful to everyone else who is still around and supporting the show and the community! You rock!
I’d also like to extend a special thank you to my friends for offering a lot of great feedback on this image, you are all truly wonderful!
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safe2155161 artist:pirill333 apple bloom59613 applejack198842 bon bon18702 derpy hooves57073 discord37296 dj pon-332968 doctor whooves11751 flash magnus993 flash sentry15011 fluttershy256174 gallus9019 luster dawn2108 lyra heartstrings33902 meadowbrook994 mistmane935 ocellus6757 octavia melody27413 pinkie pie253710 princess cadance39547 princess celestia111862 princess luna116302 rainbow dash277443 rarity215908 rockhoof1347 sandbar6800 scootaloo58449 shining armor27698 silverstream7657 smolder11210 somnambula2398 spike91864 star swirl the bearded2317 starlight glimmer59370 sunset shimmer78438 sweetie belle56363 sweetie drops18702 tempest shadow18930 time turner11751 trixie78978 twilight sparkle354829 vinyl scratch32968 yona6395 zecora11054 alicorn310270 changedling11325 changeling65152 draconequus20040 dragon84303 earth pony438200 griffon36328 hippogriff13429 pegasus488288 pony1583117 unicorn529191 yak6206 mlp fim's tenth anniversary599 g42007420 the last problem8042 :o6612 :p14131 accessory2015 anniversary739 book42996 book of memories5 bookmark279 bow43979 crown29443 cutie mark51430 cutie mark crusaders22219 digital art29049 duo focus2376 ethereal mane13163 eye shimmer1443 eyes closed137143 female1781942 glasses87323 glowing horn28736 gold1909 grass15028 grin62052 hair tie1645 happy43908 happy birthday mlp:fim1556 hi anon334 high res406247 hoof shoes9388 horn179547 jewelry110812 lesbian116546 lidded eyes46844 looking down14375 looking up23633 loss (meme)354 lying down44777 magic95584 majestic844 male543380 mane seven7824 mane six37338 mare728737 meme93233 older39564 older twilight4313 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3807 open book164 open mouth233290 peytral7185 photo95747 pillars of equestria327 ponytail26526 princess twilight 2.03773 prone34594 regalia35758 ship:lyrabon4011 ship:scratchtavia3285 shipping251362 signature42688 smiling390233 space6500 sparkles8710 spread wings92070 stallion191846 starry mane6997 stars22944 student six2078 tongue out145022 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148091 wall of tags6424 wing fluff2298 wings217274


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@Chief Pone  
@Background Pony #52EE  
Thank you all very much! It means a lot to me!
The face was mandatory. I don’t think I could’ve missed the opportunity.
I think I might like shiny stuff a bit too much, haha!
I made it too obvious at first and I think then turned it too hard. It’s around the middle of the image, and not on top of any of the pony faces.
This is sadly the case. It’s been a real struggle to narrow this group of characters down and there are many more I would’ve liked to include but even as it is I’m afraid the amount of characters ended up being more detrimental compared to just sticking to a few main ones.
Background Pony #52EE
Oh my gosh, this is amazing! :D I love the coloring and all the little drawings of all the people in Twilight’s life, really highlights all of the adventures she’s had and all the people she met. :D

But I’m still interested. What happened to the rest of the characters? What happened to Starswirl? Is he alive? With Cadence, Shining Armor. Do they still rule the Crystal Empire together, or is it only Flurry Heart who rules it? Just wondering.
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Monde de merde
Anybody knows where the “loss” thing is? It’s probably hidden somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.