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Added frames, adjusted timings, cleaned up outlines, edited color. >>231990 (merged)
APNG version: >>1225564
safe1948487 artist:marminatoror3 edit154901 rainbow dash257361 scootaloo55175 pegasus396200 pony1298548 just for sidekicks1009 season 31923 sleepless in ponyville1358 ^^1963 adventure in the comments1306 animated111880 blank flank8855 blinking4596 boop8429 cute232422 cutealoo3405 daaaaaaaaaaaw5694 dashabetes10819 derail in the comments331 duo107742 duo female18869 eyes closed118272 female1581752 filly83117 folded wings12326 gif40846 grin51694 happy37733 hnnng2604 looking around151 looking at someone6563 mare605476 multicolored hair8662 multicolored mane3030 multicolored tail2181 nose kiss172 nose rub24 nose wrinkle3481 nuzzling4532 purple eyes3904 rainbow hair3815 rainbow tail462 saddle bag7105 scootalove1797 shifty eyes160 show accurate22950 simple background491554 sitting77198 smiling324257 standing17551 sweet dreams fuel1862 tail62528 transparent background243607 tsunderainbow486 tsundere3224 upvote event horizon1 weapons-grade cute4243 wholesome852 wings169638


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Background Pony #8F9B
There is a mismatch here. The API reports this image to be 445x354px while the actual image dimensions are 638x388px.  
The two have different aspect ratios so the image gets squshed in certain contexts. Specifically when data-scaled="false" which is supposed to show the image raw.
Posted Report
Background Pony #C632
When I clicked on the all time top scoring images, the majority are perverted images of naked animal. HOWEVER, I saw this image, and while I HATE fillies with a fervor, AT LEAST this image is on the level.