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Added frames, adjusted timings, cleaned up outlines, edited color. >>231990

APNG version: >>1225564
safe1675861 artist:marminatoror2 edit129373 rainbow dash230488 scootaloo50751 pegasus280124 pony938602 just for sidekicks933 season 3455 sleepless in ponyville1237 adventure in the comments1275 animated97111 boop7249 cute195263 cutealoo2797 daaaaaaaaaaaw3661 dashabetes8982 derail in the comments287 duo58437 eyes closed90031 female1335912 gif30092 grin37052 happy30378 hnnng2390 looking around110 mare466158 nose kiss117 nose rub23 nuzzling3884 saddle bag5667 scootalove1682 shifty eyes146 simple background383484 smiling240264 sweet dreams fuel1472 transparent background198055 tsunderainbow393 tsundere2810 upvote event horizon1 weapons-grade cute3612


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Background Pony #C632
When I clicked on the all time top scoring images, the majority are perverted images of naked animal. HOWEVER, I saw this image, and while I HATE fillies with a fervor, AT LEAST this image is on the level.