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Added frames, adjusted timings, cleaned up outlines, edited color. >>231990 (merged)
APNG version: >>1225564
safe1766620 artist:marminatoror2 edit137629 rainbow dash240037 scootaloo52135 pegasus315201 pony1026501 just for sidekicks961 season 31183 sleepless in ponyville1281 adventure in the comments1283 animated101726 boop7670 cute207594 cutealoo2966 daaaaaaaaaaaw4763 dashabetes9719 derail in the comments301 duo66027 eyes closed99661 female1415759 filly70671 gif32563 grin41751 happy32522 hnnng2492 looking around122 mare509435 nose kiss140 nose rub23 nuzzling4115 saddle bag6085 scootalove1710 shifty eyes148 simple background414327 smiling265727 sweet dreams fuel1683 transparent background211114 tsunderainbow438 tsundere2973 upvote event horizon1 weapons-grade cute3793 wholesome536


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Background Pony #8F9B
There is a mismatch here. The API reports this image to be 445x354px while the actual image dimensions are 638x388px.  
The two have different aspect ratios so the image gets squshed in certain contexts. Specifically when data-scaled="false" which is supposed to show the image raw.
Background Pony #C632
When I clicked on the all time top scoring images, the majority are perverted images of naked animal. HOWEVER, I saw this image, and while I HATE fillies with a fervor, AT LEAST this image is on the level.