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semi-grimdark30370 artist:assasinmonkey821 artist:audrarius600 artist:huussii150 artist:sandara6 artist:ziom05101 edit135901 cozy glow7726 discord31823 king sombra14233 lord tirek5417 nightmare moon17220 queen chrysalis35468 twilight sparkle306106 alicorn232898 changeling49824 changeling queen17734 draconequus12820 pony1010600 umbrum1242 marks for effort1173 school raze2363 season 81245 twilight's kingdom3170 spoiler:s081025 angry28072 antagonist1655 armor24471 army538 awesome564 baby10694 baby alicorn87 baby pony6807 badass3308 barrier221 cliff1147 cloud32087 cocoon665 collage1450 colored19865 crying44817 crystal2712 dark4632 dark magic2760 detailed798 digital painting523 eclipse597 epic1374 evil2970 face of evil29 face of mercy246 female1401914 fight6298 filly69630 flying39419 foal15741 force field638 freckles30121 glare8303 glowing4658 glowing horn20526 looking at you175698 low angle1665 magic75390 male388052 mare502205 messy mane7925 metal as fuck175 monster2339 moon24101 one of these things is not like the others263 outdoors11615 perspective814 photoshop3779 plot82123 raised hoof48438 realistic2008 realistic anatomy342 rearing5865 scene interpretation8826 shadow4347 size difference15002 slit pupils5096 smoke2676 solar eclipse253 sombra eyes3612 spread wings57063 stomping663 swarm133 technically advanced105 transformation11324 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126196 twilight vs tirek214 underhoof53842 villains of equestria75 wall of tags3655 wallpaper18852 wings123123


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@Background Pony #175D
<<Hey, chill.>>

Our lady Faust herself tried to do just that, but it was objected that they might as well exclude the subtitle form the title lel.

And it ain't THAT bad. Besides, how are they scrubs when they do all of the portrayed stuff.
Background Pony #8DC2
If only MLP was this epic, if only it did not downgrade mid season 5, if only Season 9 wasn’t a total let down, if only the characters portrayed here were not such scrubs in the show canon.
Frustration in Excelsis
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Nightmare Moon, the Betrayer, She Who Brings the Night.

Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, the Lord of Misrule, He Who Twists the World.

Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, the Will of the Swarm.

Sombra the Crystal King, the Fear in the North.

Tirek the Lord, the Soul-Taker, the Breaker.

And a little girl.

I don't think it would be all to hard to make her horrifying in a realistic art style. Look at those creepy evil kids in movies that look cute but can both literally and figuratively slit a persons throat. Maybe have her writing on the skin of something she's kidnapped and looking into the foreground with an off-kilter smile that's almost to wide. Her eyes twitchy and rays of darkened rainbow light surrounding her. She made some pretty good creepy faces when she was bragging her plan of power to starlight.